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debpow 66w ago
Seattle from the Bainbridge Ferry...beautiful skyline!
debpow 145w ago
Aaaaaand, this is what it came to. Apparently all the pilots timed out while waiting to de-ice. Back to the terminal for the night. The canvas cots sound like rubber rafts. I feel like I'm shipwrecked!
#SWA #southwest #southwestairlines #luv #flyswa
debpow 145w ago
Just sat for an hour, now back to the gate for a pilot change. Ugh! Want to get to PHL so I can go home. Too much snow and too many delays! I should have booked a more "southerly" route...but with my Rapid Rewards this flight from PDX to PHL only set me back $5.60. Say what???!!! Guess I won't complain!!! #southwestairlines #SWA #southwest #luv #cheapflight
debpow 158w ago
Here you go, @brown_eyes11 ! See what I mean!? You could talk him into wearing a baby's breath halo for a pic! Best dad ever!
debpow 163w ago
✨✨So honored to be included in today's grid for #dailyphototopics!✨✨check out the galleries of the other four for some great pics: @book_hugger @vtweather @@crashsweety and @lia_elle. The topic was #school for yesterday and like the name says, it changes daily! Follow and tag @dailyphototopics ! Thanks, Kathryn @lb9809!
debpow 163w ago
After 42 years, I still get flowers for every life event ... He's a keeper! Sometimes I just can't throw them out once they are spent. #lovelydeadcrap #royalsnappingartists #flowers #decay #nature #naturegram #leaves #dead
debpow 165w ago
Fahrenheit! Located at the coaster mania spot of the East Coast, USA...Hershey Park! Grandkids are visiting !
debpow 189w ago
Wall in our entryway with a patterned glow sun shining through the glass in the front door this morning. It was below freezing outside, but this was a pleasant greeting to warm me up!