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  Posted: Aug 22, 2012 4:04 PM FEED
4 Rise
I hate when she begs.... It's too cute.

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A fleeting moment that truly stays with you. As your words ascend, your breath escapes, and your heart is full. A moment shared with those with you, around you, and above you. Together we rise ✨♡✨ #risefestival #RiSE #mojavedesert #togetherwerise #vegasstrong @risefestival
Man crush everyday. The future holds more moments like this one and I could not have wanted to be with anyone else but him. I must say this was quite an experience. The first launch left me in awe and almost out of body. The second launch filled me with emotions that I couldn’t contain. After the current events in LV, the sadness & anger of this year (read: presidency), and all that has been lost... those that we miss dearly (read: Obama). Here is a man that I can always count on thru it all. May we continue to love & hope & bring to fruition a brighter future, together. #mcm #risefestival #RiSE #mojavedesert #mancrusheveryday #togetherwerise
There's an abundance of alley eateries in Japan. Pontochō was our favorite in Kyoto. We decided on dinner at Rokuden-ya Pontocho, and it was damn delicious! This is one of the few times we ate somewhere that I hadn't bookmarked or intended on going to. We just peeked through their little window, and instantly the sight and smell had us salivating. We almost went back the next night 😋. #日本 #kyoto #pontocho #travelforfood #explorejapan #foodie #japanatnight #japaneats #pontochoalley #fbf #🏮
It's been #tbt for a couple weeks now. Trying my best not to post too many pix, but there's so many that I want to share! Luckily for everyone, we couldn't take pictures inside the museum, otherwise I'd blow up the feed. Being surrounded with all things Ghibli was a dream. We didn't get through the entire museum before closing time (even with our two hour time frame), but surely got away with a lot of souvenirs. I can't wait to come back to this magical place! #studioghibli #ghiblimuseum #mitaka #tokyo #東京 #日本 #explorejapan #inokashirapark #ghibli
Hanami at Ueno Park 🌔. We came here on our second night in Tokyo hoping that the park was lit up, but we didn't expect to see the crowds of people, night market, & hanami still taking place. After spending some time in Japan, we understood the fleeting beauty of sakura. We visited Chidorigafuchi Park on our last day in Tokyo, two weeks had passed & the blooms had vanished. #uenopark #東京 #hanami #japanatnight #iphoneography #sakura #chasingsakura #cherryblossom #explorejapan #lookup
Mondays call for #coffee. Here are a few of the places we got to visit from my extensive coffee shop list. We made it out to a couple more but not pictured cos I had the #iwillmurderyouifidontgetcoffeerightnow grumps, and a couple others that were closed the day we went. And the rest we just couldn't fit in. I enjoyed all of them, even the vending machine ones that were incredibly hot (or cold). Oh Japan, I miss u so much❣️☺️ #☕️ #コーヒー #日本
It's been a week now being back, and the bf & I are still on Japan Standard Time. We sleep when we can, but collectively we're getting eight hours a night, if we're lucky. Of course he gets five hours of that eight. At night I'm more awake, closing my eyes, only to lay in the dark thinking of Japan. Thinking of the trip we had and of the next.

Here on the right hand corner is Don Quijote. We could never make it thru the store without getting overwhelmed AF that we just ditch our basket, every time. I prefer Tokyu Hands but we'll be back for u, Don Quijote! Atop the farthest building Godzilla looms over, ruminating the same vengeance💪🏼💢 #shinjuku #tokyo #japan #iphoneography
View of Nara Park as the sun begins to set. Visiting the Todaiji Temple in Nara was pretty awesome because of the freely roaming sika deer all over the park. They are also allowed in the temple as they are regarded in Shinto to be messengers of the gods. And amazingly, they know how to bow (especially when u have crackers). The Todaiji Temple houses one of Japan's largest bronze statues of Buddha, at 50 feet tall. We spent some time here as we were in complete awe. I would love to visit the other Buddha statues around Japan & rest of the world that are hundreds of feet larger, especially the one in China 👌🏼✋🏼 #sikadeer #narapark #explorejapan #mydogscantbow #🌸 #chasingsakura #cherryblossom #japan #nara #views #🦌
The treasured sika deer (or spotted deer) #🦌
These railroad tracks lined with cherry blossom trees were just behind our ryokan in Kyoto. We walked passed this everyday and figured we'll get a chance to take pictures later. Here, on our last day, the sun had already set & we thought our chance was gone. But we took some night shots of this lovely path anyway, hence the graininess of this pix. I lightened it up to resurface a bit of its beauty. #explorejapan #kyoto #keageincline #chasingsakura #🌸
Of the three we visited, Kyoto was my favorite prefecture. A mix of old & new Japan, a little slower paced, and oh so beautiful. We thought we could cover some main attractions with the three days spent here. Though the pace was slow, the days flew by quick. Some of my favorite places weren't even on our list. It's so easy to wander off and find yourself perfectly content here. I was hoping to do a tea ceremony too but we just didn't have time. Until we meet again, Kyoto.

#yasakapagoda #kyoto #chasingsakura #explorejapan #🇯🇵
I still haven't adjusted to the time since being back. I feel like my mind & body are still in Japan. It hurts to be away, but maybe I'm also getting sick haha. I'm happy to be home with my dogs & to not be walking twenty five thousand steps a day. But the bf & I can't wait to go back! Until then we'll just post some of the wonderful memories we captured.

Here the Somei Yoshino branches dance above the river. We just caught the flowers in full bloom. 2 wks later they had already whisked away, only to return next spring. #🌸 #imissedTBT #throwbackeveryday #japan #meguroriver #nakameguro #sakura #cherryblossom #hanami #tokyo
Dyroza & I at Alberta Falls, #Colorado. Not much Denver pix to share, since I mostly used Snapchat on our trip. This is actually a screenshot of my snap, so it's a bit fuzzy. Highlight of the trip was def Tame Impala at Red Rocks. #wemissportland #rockymountainnationalpark #maybecomebackwhenitssnowing #youaiight #rmnp
Walking through the coastal Sitka spruce forest // A short video made of a couple live photos from our sunset hike to Indian Beach at #ecolastatepark 🌲🌊 #tbt #pnw #nrthwst #cannonbeach #oregoncoasttrail #oregoncoast #oregonexplored #exploregon #pacificnorthwest 💚🌿
Oneonta Gorge was one of the places I got to sit and enjoy for awhile. I was resting from the hike to Oneonta Falls and waiting for the bf to give the OK to join him. U only have to tread through a little mud, some slippery streams of stones, and climb a pile of giant logs to get to the other side. A side u definitely want to explore. If only we had more time to complete the trek up the creek through the narrows. Next time it will be our first hike of the day!