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This old couple was walking through the 1/4 mile long dog park without a dog. Then this happened. And Klaus walked with them the rest of the way. And IM NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING. 😍😭😭 #klausinthehouse #acreativedc #americanbulldog #dogsofinstagram
Morning jam sesh. He's a pretty hard rocker on the uke. Doesn't even keep his eyes open cause he's just too into the muzack. Rock on, Klaus, rock on. 🤘✌️🎸 #acreativedc #klausinthehouse #americanbulldog
It's finally fall and Klaus is just a dog that wants to go for walks in it. #acreativedc #klausinthehouse #americanbulldog
You guys, the selection out here is just ...*sigh*... really disappointing. #tinder
What a difference a year makes. (Please note: change does not mean the past was bad, just different. Love how I looked before. Love how I look now.) #tbt
Through thick and thin, these people are my rocks and they help me through everything. So grateful to have such amazing parents and so grateful to have had a weekend with them in Maine. Might not have been as relaxing as I wanted, but it was more productive than I could've imagined and so so needed. 💖
This 75 foot bear on private property begs the question... Can you ever have too much money?

The answer is yes. Unequivocally yes. #yellowbear #6.8millionbucks #why #mainething #ursfischer #lampbear
I love the doggies in my life so much and I'm pretty sure if you've ever spent 5 minutes with me, you know it...and are quite possibly even annoyed by it. Well, my old guy Jack has issues with exercising nowadays with some pretty bad hip issues but he's always loved swimming. So, my mom indulged me and made a swimming appointment at Water Bark Wellness for Jack while I'm here. And it was awesome. His first session but he bounded around before and after like a little puppy, which we don't see much anymore. He even caught a tennis ball AND that orange thingy at the *same time* once. Makes my little heart flutter to see him so happy. 💖 #goldenretriever #mainething
Monhegan Island's best "Uber." As the guy told me, "I'll give you a ride anytime. Best rates in town!" #islandlife #mainething
Maine in fog. It's just one of those things that's its own kind of beautiful. (Oh, and this is the lighthouse Forrest Gump ran out to in the movie. Cool cool cool.) #itsamainething #mainething #amainezing
When you look out of your window and see a bunch of Saturday night debauchery. #nyc #acreativedc
Last night, I made a cheese soufflé (repping those southern roots from my grandma!) and guess what? It DIDN'T FALL. First soufflé I've ever made and it was a total success. Still running on the high from that adulting success. #acreativedc #adulting
"Just two friends, true friends, on a perfect day." This is what Saturday mornings were made for. 💖🐶☀️💖 #acreativedc
When you just figured out where the tv sound is actually coming from and your whole world is turned upside down. (Please note: the tv is mounted on the wall to the top right of this picture.) #dogsofinstagram #acreativedc #americanbulldog #klausinthehouse
It's ok. We all know you can't dance as well as I can. 💃🏼💁🏼#saturdaysatthebrewery #dancingqueen #brewerylife #acreativedc #igdc
Been missing my grandad a lot this last week, not sure why. But it happens. But seeing this from my niece this morning fills that void with a little bit of sparkly warmth today. As they say...he might be gone, but he's never forgotten. He lives on in everyone's lives that he touched and everyone's life he touched was greatly impacted by him. He was just that kind of a guy. Love big and love hard, everyone. 💖💙💖
Tired this baby boy out today with a walk and short jog. Apparently, it tired him out more than our usual walks. He still followed me to the bathroom, but apparently his head was a liiiittle too difficult to hold up.
I mean...gaddamn. How could *not* fall in love with this cute frickin' pile of goofy, adorable doofusness?! 💖#klausinthehouse #americanbulldog #dogsofinstagram #acreativedc
Tim Kaine surprised us all and showed up to my brewery today. That was pretty cool.
Tim Kaine walked around and talked to everyone and was just incredibly down to earth and delightful. That was really cool.
Tim Kaine then whipped out his harmonica and sang a duet with Travis. That, well, *that* was just beyond cool.
Basically, Tim Kaine, yea, he's a pretty damn cool guy.
(Full video up on the Facebooks, but it was too good not to post part of it here too. 😍) #acreativedc #igdc