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When a pole dancer attempts #pdjadesplit for the first time it's never a "split" haha 😝. This is before, after picture coming soon 😂.
Still clinging on to summer. Cocktails last week 🤘🏼
Happy one year with my favourite dickhead 😝🖤🖤
Missing my pup 🐶💙. Can't wait for some more biscuit hugs! #love #borderterrier
I bought this outfit when I was probably 16/17. Not ready to throw it out yet 😂.
Liked my makeup today so out of many failed selfies this one was acceptable :p.
xlydiab 13w ago
When you can't find your foot so you have to get someone to hand you it 😂. Thank you @fifipolefit haha #pdonehandedbutterfly
xlydiab 13w ago
Today I discovered I can still do a half decent split leap after not doing them for about 7/8 years. Also kinda just wanted to play with the slow mo thing 😋. #dance #dancers
xlydiab 13w ago
When you actually put effort into your makeup. That highlight tho. I desperately need to go makeup shopping ☹️.