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It feels like an other planet, but it's actually 30 min boat from #hk

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Niaje #Nairobi !? [When I asked this gentleman (who's a boda boda [moto-taxi] driver) if I could take his portrait, his answer was: "Of course, I'm not a criminal, I don't have any reason to say no."] #Kenya #FacehunterKenya 🇰🇪
#Kigali jam session with @mikekayihura & ✨ [Can't really express the heart-warming feeling of seeing #Rwanda buzzing (creatively) only 23 years after the Genocide. 🙏🏼] #FacehunterRwanda 🇷🇼 | next stop: Nairobi
It's already time to fly away.
Ma'a Salama al-Imarat!

#falconry #AbuDhabi #UAE #UnitedArabEmirates 🇦🇪 | next stop: Kigali, Rwanda
When I visited Saudi fashion designer @arwaalbanawi at her studio, she was on hotel slippers mode. ✔️ We had an interesting conversation about Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) booming creative scene and how the country is changing. Can't wait to explore it soon! #DDD #Dubai #UAE #UnitedArabEmirates #FacehunterUAE 🇦🇪
Pre-take-off ritual ✨🦅@yevalova [In the Middle East, falcons are highly treasured birds and the ultimate status symbol. #Falconry -nowadays a sport- is said to be a legacy of UAE's harsh and unforgiving desert environment, harking back to a time when every resource had to be utilised for survival. Falcons were the ultimate hunting tool. Before releasing a falcon, you need to remove its leather 'hat' with your teeth.] #AbuDhabi #UAE #UnitedArabEmirates #FacehunterUAE 🇦🇪
#Bahrain is often considered the most liberal Arab and Muslim nation. I guess, depending who you're asking and what you're looking at. Some people would suggest as well Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco or Jordan. What would you say?

#WhenYouDivorceAndCantDecide #Manama #FacehunterBahrain 🇧🇭
Shukraan @ammandesignweek for such an inspiring and enlightening week in magic #Jordan. Met so many great minds. Ma'a salama! 💫 Can't wait to share with you the @facehunterwashere episode I shot here!

#AmmanDesignWeek @ammandesignweek #Petra #AlUrdun #FacehunterJordan 🇯🇴 | 📷 @junglesaracita | next stop: Manama, Bahrain
A few days ago, I gave a street style photography workshop and I wanted to thank all the participants (@jumanyahyaa was one of them) for their curiosity and passion. You not only impressed me but inspired me. @ammandesignweek
#AmmanDesignWeek #Amman #AlUrdun #Jordan #FacehunterJordan 🇯🇴
Ammani cubism @taniageorgedesigns [Tania is wearing her own design, which is celebrating Jordanian daily objects like those cotton candy in plastic bags.] @ammandesignweek
#Amman #AlUrdun #Jordan #FacehunterJordan 🇯🇴
In #Jordan, #bedouin men tend to wear #khol around their eyes. Please, tell me if you know why. So far, not everyone I've been asking, agrees on the reasons. Some people say it's essentially a protection against the sun and some others claim it's a protection against evils. 👀

#Petra #New7Wonders #Raqmu #AlUrdun #Jordan #FacehunterJordan 🇯🇴
The magic of a dry oasis. ✨🙏🏼 [Over 2'000 years ago, the #Nabataeans bedouins who used to be nomads (between what is nowadays Saudi Arabia and #Jordan) took advantage of #Petra's proximity to regional spice trade routes to establish it as a major trading hub. The Nabataeans are also known for their great ability in constructing efficient water-collecting methods in the barren deserts and their talent in carving structures into solid rocks. So they carved about 800 monuments into the rocks of Petra, like "The Monastery" on the picture and thousands of caves where they would live. Since it has been classified as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, the Nabataeans have been relocated to neighbouring towns. Nowadays, only 100 people actually leave inside Petra's caves.] #AlDeir #Raqmu #New7Wonders #AlUrdunn #FacehunterJordan 🇯🇴