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User Image hannah_in_london Posted: Nov 24, 2017 6:55 AM (UTC)
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[InDaKitchen] IT’S A BABKA KINDA DAY! 👌🏻
Straight from @ottolenghi’s book Jerusalem, this brioche like bread is the best sweet treat you’ll find in Israel - or anywhere else 🙌🏼 The recipe is a little bit of a challenge as you’ll see but so worth it. Also, the original recipe being a little too sweet for me, I changed some of the ingredients to make it healthier. Here it goes (2 babkas)
The dough:
- 200g spelt flour & 230g all purpose flour
- 2 tsp fast rising yeast
- 1 zest of a small lemon
- 3 XL eggs
- 120ml water
- 1/4 tsp salt
- 150g unsalted butter - room temperature cut in cubes
- 2 tsbp cinnamon

The Chocolate Filling:
- 130g dark chocolate, melted
- 120g melted butter
- 100g chopped pecans
- Chia seeds
- Honey

- 160ml water
- 260gr superfine sugar
- 1 tsbp orange blossom flower

1) Place flour, sugar, yeast, lemon zest in a stand & mix for 1min
2) Add eggs & water, mix for 3 min
3) Add the butter & mix the dough until shiny, soft, elastic
4) Leave in a bowl airtight covered, overnight
5)Next day, make the filling by mixing the chocolate, butter
6) Roll the dough on a slightly floured surface into a rectangle (38x28cm)
7) Use a spatula to spread the filling on the dough leaving 2cm border all around
8) Sprinkle pecans and chia seeds
9) Roll the dough into a thick cigar from the longest side of the dough
10) Cut the cigar in half lenghtwise and create a 2 pronged plait.
11) Place the cake into your loaf pan and cover w a damp towel for 1.5 hour
12) Bake for 30min at 180 degrees in the oven
13) Make the syrup by heating up water + sugar + orange blossom
14) Once baked, add the syrup and let it cool a bit before trying !
ET VOILA! Perfect for winter, breakfast or even as dessert 💕
Now... black weekend can start 😏
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[Balimoon] 1 coconut per day keeps the doctor away 🌴
A trip abroad is a great opportunity to observe how other people in the world live. 🌏 In Bali, what struck me most is how short the food chain is from the tree to your plate!
Having access to local, fresh fruits, first hand from the tree directly, without any conditioning, pesticides or chemicals... that’s considered normal for people in Bali.
And isn‘t it crazy that we, people in the western world, call this a luxury nowadays?!!! ⭐️ I wish, we europeans, people around the world, especially in big cities like London, could like Balinese people, have the same access to the freshest food possible... without having to either break the bank or travel for miles 🙌🏻 #Bali #inspiration #travel #honeymooners #luxury #digitalnomad #beautiful #nature #explorebali #balilife #balidaily
User Image hannah_in_london Posted: Nov 20, 2017 12:11 PM (UTC)
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[M OO D] Feeling like these deserve their moment of instafame. Yes. For all the travel drama (and good times) they’ve carried me through... 🙌🏼
What is it that makes your trips more enjoyable ?
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[Bordeaux] Sous le charme Bordelais 🇫🇷
Quelle chance d’avoir attéri dans la ville des ‘bons vivants’ ce week-end et d’avoir pu découvrir ses belles rues pavées, sa gastronomie @bordeauxs.ogood, mais surtout des personnalités et leurs histoires 🙌🏼 Des recos pour le dernier jour ? 🙂 ••• Less than 2h away from London town @british_airways... a gem of a city 🇫🇷 Lucky to be around for the first time, walk the paved roads, discover the local food but mostly, meet some great people and learn their stories 🙌🏼
What is your favourite getaway destination?
#Bordeaux #Wheninbordeaux #thisisbordeaux
[Mood] My version of weekend chilling, embodied by @mr_grumpynou 🙌🏼 What are your favourite chill plans ?
#wheninbordeaux #needsomecozyness #catsofinstagram
[Balimoon] On s’envole, on s’envole, on s’envole ... vers le week-end ✨ @karlyfornication @bali.swing
#Baliadventures #Bali #Takeusback
[Recipe] The cookies that make your palet travel all the way to Middle East... without moving 💕
Finally as promised, here is the final look and full recipe of my Ka’ach Bilmalch savoury cookies w flavours that resemble the ones you can find in Lebanon, Greece, Israel... , taken from the JERUSALEM cookbook by @ottolenghi 🙌🏼 In all the recipes I make, I try to reduce the amount of sugar and use healthier ingredients when possible, lactose free even sometimes. So here you go (30-40 cookies):
500g flour
100ml sunflower oil
100g unsalted butter
1 tsp fast-rising active dey yeast
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1 tbsp fennel seeds, toasted + lighlty crushed (important step to release the flavours)
100ml water (I added 50ml to this one)
1 large free range egg, beaten (for the golden look)
2 tsp black/white sesame seeds
1) Preheat the oven - 200degrees
2) Place the flour in a bowl and make a well in the center
3) Pour the oil+butter+yeast+baking powder+sugar+salt+spices
4) Stir until you get a dough
5) Add water little by little
6) Make 25g balls w the dough and roll them into snakes (13cm long) to create a circle, then place on a parchment sheet and REPEAT (30x 😬)
7) 2cm space betwn each ring, brush each one with the beaten egg and leave for 30min
8) Bake biscuits for 22min until golden brown
(With a hungry husband around, they last around... 2days 😱😅)
#Recipe #cooking #cookies #ottolenghi #love #inspiration #mediterranean #flavours #greece #lebanon #israel
User Image hannah_in_london Posted: Nov 14, 2017 5:10 PM (UTC)
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[InDaKitchen] Ready to bring back some fun in da kitchen? 🤙🏻
It’s been a long time since I hadn’t experimented w food... 👉🏼 but back at it now, with some recipes inspired by the one and only @ottolenghi Jerusalem book 🙌🏼
I had forgotten how much I love cooking and baking. And as a digital marketing entrepreneur, a part I really enjoy is creating beautiful content and work on some food photography afterwards.
But another part that I also love, and that I feel sometimes « too beautiful » food pics outshine, is the whole process of experiencing, testing, failing, sharing, having F-U-N !!!!
Isn’t it what it is all about? 😃 Time to let loose, show what REALLY gets going behind the perfect lighting 😋
[Check my next post for the entire recipe of these savoury cookies 👀]
#Food #cooking #comingsoon #fun #huffposttaste #lovecooking #instafood #cookingtime
It’s a coffee kind of day... ☕️
Seems like it will take some more to get ready to speak at a the @exphotel conference this weekend in Bordeaux for @hannahberaud 👩🏻‍💻
Any public speaking tips that work for you and that I could use? 😬
#coffeetime #londonlife #bigweek
[Paris] Coup de foudre dans les toilettes du @cafe_du_trocadero 😅 là où le hashtags #bathroomgoals prend tout son sens 🎀

Just started a bathroom love affair 💕 I mean, if this isnt where the hashtag #bathroomgoals takes all its meaning, then where ? 🙌🏼
#Restoinstagrammable #frenchdoitbetter #thisisparis #marbre #mirroirs #mirrors #bathroomart #inspirations
[Paris] Idée farfelue : entrer dans un resto, juste pour sa déco ! 😅 C’est exactement ce qui se passe au @cafe_du_trocadero 👉🏼 Un classique parisien, réinventé par les meilleurs, @maison_hand_fr, et qui vous donne envie de capturer, dévorer des yeux, chaque petit coin et recoin de la maison, en commençant par le sol biensûr 👀
[Food] Chicama-licious 🙌🏼
Yes... one can get excited about salad 😏 This one is NEW on their menu: green papaya salad, fresh herbs, crab, shallots & sesame. @chicamalondon combines everything I love in a restaurant: colourful, cozy atmosphere + flavourful, sharing & healthy menu + located near my house 😋 Also this little brother of @pachamamalondon is entirely focused on fish (grilled, ceviche...) 🐟.
Will have to go and try their brunch next time, and their new opening too...! 👀 Anyone wants to join? 🤗
(Hand model and food partner 4 life @karlyfornication)
#Londonrestaurants #foodie #peruvianfood #healthy
[Food] Peruvian chic style & crazy good flavours 🍴(and they have a new lunch menu...👀) @chicamalondon
#Londonrestaurants #Foodie #Lunchgoals
[BaliMoon] Would you ever wake up in the middle of the night, on your honeymoon... to climb a volcano???? 😅 We always love a challenge, so YES we did... and no regrets!! The 2:00 AM wake-up call was tough, followed by a 2:30h hike to the top of Mount Batur (along with 500 crazy people like us)✌🏼But when you are lucky to witness nature’s beauty... first hand... and meet fun people from around the world along the way, it’s all you will remember 🌄
Definitely a MAJOR highlight of our honeymoon, organised via the amazing team at @viceroybal & @karlyfornication 👌🏻 Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to disconnect and go on an adventure!
••• Interested in luxury/adventure/honeymoon tips/recommendations in Bali ? Get in touch !📝 #Honeymoon #Bali #Memories #ViceroyBali
[Address] Rainy weekends in London are for foodies! 🙌🏼 And the go-to address for all the colourful Choux fans this month is... @maitrechoux’s 2nd location in Soho, recently opened 💁🏻Cute, delicious, and the perfect amount of sweetness one needs to survive the busy city life 😋
PS: I haven’t been testing/sharing many new restaurants/cafes/places in London lately ... but will try to share more!
Which places do you recommend? 👇🏼
#wheninlondon #foodie #weekendvibes
[BaliMoon] This frangipane smell captures all the happiness we were so lucky to experience in Bali, and more 🤗 Here, at the @viceroybali, our first stop in Ubud. The amazing staff definitely set the tone for the rest of the trip to come! A honeymoon perfectly planned thanks to @karlyfornication’s talent & love 🌺
••• Interested in our honeymoon tips/refommendations in Bali ? Get in touch !📝
#Balimoon #wheninbali #onceinalifetime
[St Jean Cap Ferrat] My evening plans in a shell ... after a business trip to Prague @hannahberaud 😅🐚 #Lariviera #Takeusback