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sp11ke 1w ago
Bet we wouldn’t hear a peep from POTUS if they added this to the list of why players protest. We get fired up about disrespecting the anthem/flag/troops when someone kneels, but turn a blind eye to the fact that a veteran commits suicide every hour. I drive around and most of the people asking for a dollar on the corner have “VETERAN” on their cardboard sign.
Also, if players kneeling for this cause doesn’t offend you, then why does it offend you when they do it for the wrongdoings against minorities in America?
sp11ke 2w ago
Votto’s reached base 312 times this year with a .454 OBP. Ted Williams had a career .482 OBP!
sp11ke 2w ago
❤️👏🏽👏🏽Rookie Deshaun Watson to give his first game check to 3 women who work in the team cafeteria and lost everything in the flood.
sp11ke 3w ago
Had some October feels to it too. [W]