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Farewell FSU & Friends!! You will be missed!
After 4 Years, it's finally the time that we part ways. So long Tallgeese!😭 (Swipe Right to check out the new ride)
One question I was asked constantly during my last few weeks of undergrad was: "what are your plans after graduation"? And I would always respond with: "I aspire to work in the creative department for a company in the athletic apparel industry". Well, I am excited to announce that have officially accepted a full-time position to work as a video editorialist for in NYC! I am incredibly thrilled to take on this new opportunity to learn and collaborate and to create captivating content for the sneaker world. I finally get to work in the industry I am most passionate about! I honestly would have never thought that I'd be working for the very company that got me into sneakers four years ago when I was just a sophomore in college. This opportunity is a dream for me, and the ability to find a career that combines the two biggest interests in my life - sneakers and video - is an incredible feeling. This goes to show that, no matter what your interests or hobbies are, you can find a career related to it. Don't think that just because it doesn't say it on your degree, means you can't do it. Go for it and pursue what you want to do! I didn't even go to the College of Film, the skills obtained in video were all self taught. I am very eager to learn more and to continue improving my skills. In life, one will have to deal with a ton of obstacles and rejection letters, but it is up to you to work twice as hard and put in that extra effort, because in the end, it will all pay off. For real though, that extra effort really does make a difference. I am very grateful for all the support I have from my family and friends. I am also very fortunate to have a brother in NYC to support me as I begin this next big step in my life! To me video is all about perspective, the ability to fully immerse the viewer with different angles, allows them to vicariously be put in the character's shoes. I cannot wait to begin creating more captivating content and to perfect my skills. NYC, I'm coming for you!
Definition of Practicality (Physical Camera Shifts)