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ajleon 268w ago
You can try and stop us but I wouldn't advise it.

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ajleon 2w ago
Many many moons ago, @themelissaleon and I were nomading through Stratford-upon-Avon and serendipitously had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Paul Edmondson, Sir Stanley Wells and Dr. Diana Owen, who had recently taken a job as CEO of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. From our very first meeting together, we conspired to incite a revolution that would inculcate a culture of innovation and creativity into what was, at that time, an incredibly stagnant organisation. Almost ten years and dozens of projects later, I'm honoured to now serve as a Trustee and Honorary Fellow at what has transformed into one of the most innovative and imaginative culture and heritage organisations in the wide world. I'm not sure whether there is a fate, maybe it was just cosmic luck that brought Sir Stanley, Paul, Diana and us misfits together, but my God, I'm glad it did. Working together in the name of Shakespeare with these three lovely souls has been one of the great delights of my life. #misfitgram
ajleon 3w ago
Venetian Sauvignon Blanc chased with warmed mixed nuts and an Arabic breakfast. There is no better host in the skies than @qatarairways #misfitgram #nomad #onward
ajleon 3w ago
Snapshot from a lively (heated) discussion between the Brothers Cheng about the appropriate way to engineer the backend of a new and complex client project. Luckily, @themelissaleon was there to act as mediator. #artisanship #misfitgram
ajleon 5w ago
I'm fortunate enough to have the pleasure of traveling to Tokyo a few times each year, typically at either the beginning or end of a longer voyage. It is one of the most devastatingly intoxicating places in the wide world. A city of wild chaos contained in perfect and harmonious order, full to the brim with unending surprises, where late nights evolve into early mornings so seductively and seamlessly that going to bed at 7am begins to feel normal.
This last jaunt with the lovely @themelissaleon was full of early morning Ramen, late night Japanese Whiskey and plenty of reminiscing on the days that we dreamed we'd be able to travel to such wonderful places. #misfitgram
ajleon 5w ago
A crisp glass of Taittinger, a freshly cut Cohiba and a date with the highest peak in Tokyo.
Celebrating a very successful sixty days at @studiomisfit and @misfit_productions with over a dozen new and interesting clients across the globe ranging from sustainable home builders and locally sourced food delivery apps to innovative NGO's providing world class care for the poorest of the poor in rural India. #grateful
ajleon 7w ago
There are many reasons I love flying. The poetry of soaring 39,000 feet above the earth at several hundred miles an hour, and arriving half way across the globe in less time than it takes to drive up the State of Florida will never be lost on me. However, there are other reasons that are far more base. It's the only time in my life that I allow myself to binge watch a ridiculous amount of movies (I've probably watched Casablanca 120x in the air). It's the only time I (without fail) devour a full cheese plate after dinner. And it's the only time I avail myself of unlimited glasses of champagne without guilt or compunction. #39000feetintheair
ajleon 8w ago
The only proper way to celebrate anything of note is with a little adventure and a lot of champagne. #happybirthdaytome
@minaalofficial bag courtesy of @jessiemwhite and @moetchandon courtesy of @themelissaleon :)
ajleon 11w ago
As a student of art movements through the ages, I'm heartened by the fact that there were days when placing an over saturated photo atop an inordinate amount of negative space, peppered with a sans serif font wasn't the gold standard. When bleeding to the fucking edges, intricacy, craft, illustration ad infinitum and detail were not only lauded but expected. If you are a fellow designer (or an aspiring one), I strongly suggest you invest some time immersing yourself in Islamic Art movements from the 12th to 15th centuries, particularly in Iran, Turkey and Southern Spain. Doha's Islamic Art Museum is a particularly great place to start. #doha
ajleon 24w ago
Flew to Iceland to bear witness to one of my oldest friends getting married to the love of his life in the basin of a volcano. #onlyiniceland #cheers
ajleon 25w ago
A little Icelandic river hiking to a secret waterfall with old friends. #shouldhavepackedboots #iceland
ajleon 26w ago
Four years ago, I launched a competition on my blog, Pursuit of Everything. It was quite simple really. The premise was a call for submissions for businesses that could create a sustainable impact. The winner would be flown out to a secret location, where @themelissaleon and I would meet them and put the full force of our design and software engineering teams, strategic consulting experience and global network at @misfitinc behind helping them take their nascent idea from sketchbook to market. We ended up receiving hundreds of submissions from community members all over the world, but one application in particular stood out. The concept was to build the world's first philanthropic coffee roaster, pouring the profits from its exports directly into health, wellness and education programs for the children of the parents who grow that coffee. And to do it in a remote town in Laos. It was insane. And so of course, I loved it. The most ridiculous thing about this ludicrous plan was that it would involve developing a specialty coffee export industry from scratch in a communist country that was known for its poor quality product. A month after the competition wrapped, I flew Tyson Adams and his team to Milwaukee, and we spent a week together contriving a name, developing a strong brand and identity, designing a website, architecting a crowdfunding campaign and speaking comprehensively about how to evolve the concept from a business to a movement. His commitment was that he would move to Laos, and stay there until the business was either bankrupt or successful. Well, I'm happy to report four years later that Tyson was able to achieve the impossible. This year, the beans from Jhai Coffee farmers was scored at 86 and above by the top specialty coffee roasters in both the United States and Europe. And the entire Jhai Coffee operation is a completely sustainable business partially owned, and completely operated by locals. And last week, I had the honour and privilege to spend a few days in Paksong hanging with Tyson, and recording some footage documenting the incredible story of Jhai. #misfitgram
ajleon 40w ago
Honoured to have been able to experience a meal at the non-profit Café Sabor Cruceño, which is the restaurant expression of a student-run culinary school in a very remote area off Lake Atitlán. The culinary programme is geared towards providing at risk youth with skills and opportunities in the hospitality industry. The restaurant itself is a world class joint serving both traditional Guatemalan dishes as well as Mayan fusion dishes. And the setting is absolutely breathtaking .... especially when timed perfectly for a red wine-infused Sunset dinner with your sweetheart. #santacruzdellago #lakeatitlan #guatemala
ajleon 41w ago
Eight years ago on this very day, almost at this very hour, I decided to once and for all, stop living some other dude's life. I remember the moment well, I had a choice and it was simple. To continue living the Life that I was supposed to live, or to begin living the Life I was destined to live. I remember being in my corner office, my heart feeling like it was in a vice, and suddenly, I had a vision, and saw myself as a 70 year old man looking back at me then mourning the glory of a life that could have been. Today represents more than the eve of a new year to me, it is the day I was emancipated. Today, I celebrate my liberation. And the girl in this photo kissing me on the cheek? The moment I walked out of that very lucrative and very successful finance career with nothing to show for it (in those days you'd spend more than you earned), it was four days before my wedding, and I knew I had only one call to make. When I told her that I had walked out, lost a $50,000 bonus and had less money in the bank than we needed to make rent the following month, her response was something I'll never forget, "AJ, I'd rather live with the real you under the Brooklyn Bridge than an impersonation of you anywhere else, I'm just glad I have you back." And today, eight years later, I get to celebrate the day of my liberation with this gorgeous girl soaking in the vast and sumptuous horizons of el Lago Atitlán while reminiscing on eighteen year's worth of adventures and changing the world together. Wherever this finds you, I hope it finds you reflecting on a Life of your own choosing, but if it doesn't, remember this, that your life is always just one brief moment of audacity away from remarkable. Maybe you were not meant to be average. And maybe, just maybe, this is your time. #happynewyear