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One day Coco can look at this picture and think she had a grand old time frolicking in a patch with her best pal instead of the reality that the pony ride lady said she was too big and made her hysterical.. (after waiting in line for eternity), her mommy was shvitzing and in her third trimester grumpier than the ghouls, and her father disliked the petting zoo. So there's my disclaimer if you saw my darling family today 👻. SURE LOOKS HAPPY ON INSTAGRAM THOUGH 💁🏼
Infatuated with her godsista... well until she realizes she's not Ally's number one gal any more!
Coco won't stop saying she's on vacation in "OH-Hiii!" ❣️
I think I've become that mom who relies solely on her kid for joy... aka - I kinda can't wait for ballet class tomorrow and had a weird out of whack manic Monday while she was in preschool today. OR maybe it's this horrible pregnancy sleep ruining my days.. I must've blocked this out from last time... THE DREAMS, HOLY MOLY.. anyone, anyone??? Okay, okay, I'll go back to my Monday night Bravo viewing. Could I be more stereotypical.. I even watched The View one day last week while Coco was at school 🙈🙈. That's all.
if she's never gone to school... is it still considered "back to school shopping"? 🍎📚✏️(words of encouragement needed... thinking we may be preschool dropouts, mamas not ready 💔)
Jewelry cleaner ✔️ Cheese on a stick✔️ Cinnamon rolls✔️
Can't wait for baby Billie!! Showering @allyryoung (the cutest pregnant gal ever) with these gals yesterday was the best Sunday! 🎀🥐🍼🥂
Just wanted to tell this story of what happened an hour ago to remind myself that some times really good people can change your outlook in a brief moment. Today Coco had a big tinkle accident in a civilized adult store. Horrified I run her to the car where she proceeds to tell me she needs to go more. I have a portable potty in the car I get out. There's a chic really thin, together looking lady standing right next to us trying to feed her meter. I'm mortified she must be disgusted that my child is tinkling in the parking lot. AND then she goes number two. AND then I start gagging... (yes, yes I'm pregnant.. consider this my announcement... you deserved a perk for sticking with the story) I put it all in a paper bag, and try to find a trash can while Coco is sitting in a steaming hot car. I can't find one. Literally at this point I'm covered in shvitz and tears. To my dismay the chic lady with a blow out says to me "give me that bag. I have three kids, I'll throw it away". I was beside myself, she couldn't possibly have to be subjected to such a thing and I told her so and tried to pull away. As she saw me rolling all the windows down she ran to my drivers door and said "ma'am I've got it." And took the bag. Seems so silly, but I really couldn't have made it a block with that bag... and she truly saved the day and reminded me that not only was she not judging me or disgusted by the situation but that she stepped up to help a stranger that was clearly having a hard time. I hope I remember her every time I see someone in need. What comes around goes around. Good karma to her, and a reminder for me.
Driving into town (yes that's how I refer to going up to LA) I cried in the car listening to Coco sing Moana. "The people you love will change you. The things you have learned will guide you. And nothing on earth can silence, that quiet voice still inside you"... I hope every one is as lucky as I feel to have always known who I am (like Moana), and part of that girl in me has always known she wants to move into the Ivy at the Shore and only eat off of their china forever and ever! Happy birthday to my mommy 🎂
Right at this time three years ago you were born my Coco Samantha, happiest Birthday to our girl❣️
You know that when you relate and can understand how Bethenny feels leaving the Berkshires, that you're a real jerk. I promised myself that my New Years Resolution would be to shut my mouth .. even if I believed I was justified in my opinions, some times it's better to just zip it. Even when your feelings are hurt, especially when.. because you just say things in a manner you regret anyways. The universe always puts things in your lap at the right moment though. I feel down from the argument I just had for sure, but I also know it will shake me to be better, most importantly less judgmental of others (which is definitely something I'm majorly guilty of) because in that moment I felt so judged, and that's gotta be a positive silver lining right? Alex streamed Jake Tappers commencement speech from Dartmouth this past weekend, and he was telling the graduates that many successful people don't become who we know them as until a later age, and many trials and failures come before the success stories that we celebrate and know, all these lessons feel so apropos to me today (see, I don't only refer to Bravo for my life moments). To my people, I'm sorry for being so critical, it's not fair, we all do our best. It's also not fair it took someone being unfairly critical of me to understand that. I'll work harder. In Cocos words "I PROMISE!"
This place is like Vegas... two night max limit.
Isn't it wild how you can be counting down until bedtime at the end of the day and then all the sudden you are desperate to wake them up you miss them so much? Motherhood. Another weekend come and gone, hello manic Monday.
Because sometimes you crave frozen hot chocolate and a giggle with your best gals 🖤