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We had to include Ranger too. ☺️☺️
We attempted a few pictures today. There wasn't a whole lot of looking in the cameras direction 😏 but at least he was enjoying himself. 👦🏼🍂
I haven't done a before and after for a while. I'm *still* trying to decide what I want for knobs and pulls. 😏 Also, there's dishes in the sink and some of the things are out of place on the shelves but I really love it. 😍#drabtofab #thankstomyhubby #anddad 😄 #jacksonsonshadylakereno
Meet Ranger everyone! We surprised the kids tonight with a labradoodle. He's 8 months old and the sweetest puppy. The kids were so impressed and a few tears of happiness were shed. 😅☺️
We've been seeing a lot of Canadian geese lately and when several landed in the field across the road, Carsen made me get out my big camera. 😏
This woodchuck comes through our yard quite frequently but this was the first time I've seen the chickens and it back there together. The woodchuck wasn't phased by myself or the chickens. It was funny to hear him chomping up those weeds!
Both of these photos were taken at Yellowstone National Park. A young man fell into this boiling, acidic spring last year and his body was completely dissolved by the next day. 😳 Dad said it was very warm just walking past. The water reaches 199 degrees in this particular spring.
I had to share some of my dad's pictures from their trip. So beautiful and rugged!
1 & 2: Jackson Hole, WY
3, 4, & 5: Grand Teton National Park
6 & 7: Yellowstone National Park
8: East Glacier Park
When she asks to hold him...😍😍😍
Addi's fishy face in the first pic. 😚 She really wanted some pictures with the chickens but they had other ideas. We'll have to wait until Carsen can catch them for us. 😉 And, if you couldn't tell, we have a serious mole problem around here. 🙄 They have destroyed our yard in the last 3 weeks!
Her love for all things cowgirl continues! 🌾🌾🌾 She asked why she had to sit in the weeds. 😂 And I got stung in the process! 🐝
First day in primary Sunday school! She loved it and couldn't wait to tell us everything! 💒😇💕👧🏼
Some of mom's beautiful dahlias, sweet peas, and cosmos ✨🌸✨
Tiny smiles from Ella Joy 💕 I love her perfect little nose and being her aunty. ✨
The last of the vacation pics! (Maybe.) The bowl of food is a Vietnamese dish called pho (pronounced "fuh"). 🍲 It was authentic and very delicious. Nate and I have been wanting to try it for some time now but I've never found a place that really stuck out at me. Thanks, Colorado! 😁