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  Posted: Aug 22, 2012 12:09 AM FEED
8 X-Pro II
Working image of my four finger ring!!! #stupidawesome

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Alberto Giacometti. I used to be a huge fan. Seeing a large show of his work and explanations of his motivations have made me reconsider. Maybe it’s my personal fear of stagnation in my practice but it seems that he got caught in a creative loop and never made it past. I have always loved his paintings and drawings because of the way he draws into the figure and not just the lines between shapes. I still find that inspiring. Anyone else have thoughts on his oeuvre?
Missin my travel partner. But glad I’ve got the quilt of her to show here in Nagoya. (It’s an allusion to the Christina’s world painting by Wyeth)
I want to hire the designers and fabricators from this Nagoya show for all my shoes!! The work looks so good! And everyone is so kind!! If you are in Japan,
Pop by on Sunday and say hi.
Gotta do what you gotta do in Japan. The show here in Nagoya is so awesome! They did an amazing job of curating and hanging the show. I’m so honored to be here!
#Sewlebrity this is a series to talk about quilts as sculpture (because they require you to walk around them to see the figure) It also lets me show some love for the folks that I admire.
Shout OUT to artist @strook_be !! I'm loving these simple and beautiful pieces of art. I think elegant is the biggest word that comes to mind. Go give a look. I'd love to own one.
Do you even wine taste? (Hahah! Oh man! Ham much?)
Posted: Oct 15, 2017 5:39 PM
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#quiltllaboration with @stephanie.k.fortin She dyed the fabrics and I made the quilt. This will probably be my second and last ever clamshell quilt. Those little pieces are the devil!!! But I wanted to show off the amazing work by Stephanie.
Animals!!! So many pets!!! I got to feed a cow!! Ahhh!! New Zealand is awesome!
Mind changing art exhibit. @worldofwearableart has an annual competition and exhibition of amazing wearable art. I just missed the exhibition but made the museum. I. Am. So. Inspired! Who wants to help me make some garments?!?
#quiltllaboration with @galenwcheney I made the quilt she added the jazz. I live working with other artists. It helps me understand my own work so much better! (This was up in France last month)
If you need me I'll be hiding in this amazing vineyard in New Zealand for a few days.
Photos from class. (I only have photos of my project...I didn't have the class layout their project.) we all started with a fabric that was important to us and then worked from there to create ways of showing that fabric off. I started with a silk kimono I bought in Japan.
I didn't post all the #quiltllaboration pieces from the show in France. This was a collab with @lizannetran. She made the awesome fabric in the middle and I pieced and quilted it.
Log cabin variations from yesterday's class. My students did great!
The class's work from class yesterday! They did such a great job! Love to see all the color difference and creativity with the projects. (Whoever vacuumed after us is going to cuss usual)
Christina's world. My first take on adapting the postures from the painting made in 2012. Swipe for the original Wyeth painting.
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 4:31 AM
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Wow. WOW! Look at this thread painting by @rachaeldorr in a collab with @entropyalwayswins and @thanksimadethem that figure is THREAD!! And the message is important. Swipe for details. And check @thanksimadethem for the link to the story.
Hello New Zealand. What magic is in store today? (That phrase "in store" looks funny now that I wrote it. Is that correct grammar? Am I supposed to go to a store now?)
Here's the quilt that's with me around the world.