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  Posted: Aug 21, 2012 9:33 PM FEED
3 Walden
Shane is in Peppa Pig Heaven!

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It’s almost Halloween! Get your family fueled up for trick or treating with a Halloween bucket, like this one I made in partnership with Slim Jim! You can make your own with awesome goodies from Walmart, or head to the Slim Jim Bold Break website to make a virtual bucket for a chance to win a prize pack worth $500! #SlimJimBoldBreak #ad 🎃
The highlight of Zac’s day is usually when we go pick up Shane from school. He’s always so excited to be reunited with Shane but he also loves getting to play! The boys always chase each other on the field and even get some playground time in. Lately Zac has been wearing his “bright orange” shoes from @m.a.p._footwear- they’re perfect for everything from running to climbing to hugging brother after a long day apart. #MAPFootwear #MotionAdventurePlay #ad 💕
Have you ever heard of @eBay for Charity? [AD] It's a platform that enables members of the eBay community to support their favorite charities- sellers can donate up to 100% of the proceeds to a charity of their choice, and buyers can also add a donation during checkout.
This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in honor of that, you can head to eBay for Charity to purchase one of these fun pins! My grandma was a two-time breast cancer survivor and my aunt is fighting it right now, so I'm wearing my pin in their honor. Who will you wear yours for? #PinsforPrevention #BreastCancerAwareness 💗
Today the weather was absolutely beautiful so I took Zac to the park and we had a picnic! I've been sick this week so this poor kiddo has been stuck inside- but we made up for it today! He loved wearing his "new bright shoes" from @m.a.p._footwear to the park, too- they're perfect for running, climbing, and playing! #MAPFootwear #MotionAdventurePlay {ad} ☀️
Last weekend, we went to visit our favorite model home- the one we are hoping to buy in a couple of years. Shane is not a big fan of the idea of moving- or at least, he wasn't, until he saw this skateboarding themed room, complete with a built-in half pipe bed!! Seeing him in this bed made me realize how big he's getting- we are dangerously close to the teenage years here! Have your kids ever had to move? How did they do? 🏠
So I've been around on Instagram Stories here and there, but otherwise I've been a little quiet around here. I live in Vegas and after the terrible tragedy that happened last week, it was just too much. So many people have recently faced hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and senseless violence- my heart has been hurting and continues to hurt for those who are suffering. But we must go on as best as we can and for me, that means remembering that for there to be darkness, there must also be light. I've been so amazed as I see my community come to together with blood banks booked for weeks, donation centers overflowing and sending supplies elsewhere, and so on. I've been cuddling with my family and taking some time to reflect and while my heart is still hurting, I'm finding strength in them. Where do you find the light in times of darkness? #VegasStrong✨
Throwback {Tuesday?} to that time we stuck Zac in a pumpkin because we could! 🎃 Zac has since outgrown the pumpkin but we haven't outgrown our love for cute @Carters clothes like this cute onesie! Check out the blog for more about how you can win every day with Carter's! #lovecarters {ad}
Anyone who is even sort of close to me knows how much I love squirrels. I grew up feeding and watching them in Chicago and was so disappointed when I moved to Vegas as a kid and found out there aren't Gray Squirrels here! Luckily we do have these cuties, the White-Tailed Antelope Squirrel, which are a pretty adorable substitute! There's a whole family of them outside our library and Zac and I watched them for a long time this week! What is your favorite animal that lives near you? 🐿🥜
Happy #TBT! I'm throwing it back to 2014 with this picture of Zac that's almost three years ago to the day. Sometimes I forget he was ever this tiny and then I look at photos like this one or pack up some baby clothes and I realize how much he's grown!
Speaking of baby clothes, have you entered the @Carters Win Every Day giveaway yet? Adorable prizes + winners every day this week! {Learn more on the blog!!} Have you had a moment lately that reminded you how fast time flies with kids? #lovecarters {#ad} 🍁🍂
We have been cooped up in the house for the last few months because it gets so hot here. But once it starts to cool off, I'm reminded that there are perks of desert living too- it's so beautiful here and we have some amazing nature around us! What's your favorite thing about where you live? 🌵
The Butterfly Exhibit at the Springs Preserve opened this weekend! We went to check it out today and it was absolutely stunning. So many beautiful butterflies of all different kinds all fluttering right over our heads, right in front of us, and almost on us! What's your favorite kind of butterfly? 🦋
We checked out a new-to-us pizza place today- @pizzarev! You can create your own custom pizza- all toppings are included- and it's ready in just a few minutes! This Margherita Pizza was mine and it was absolute perfection! Check out my instastories to see what Justin got and see Shane's honest opinion of the place! {ad} #PizzaRev 🍕
I find that I have an easier time choosing healthy lunches- and remembering to eat them- if I prep them ahead of time. But my go-to salad used to get soggy if I made it before lunchtime. Not anymore! Today on the blog I'm sharing the set that's changed the lunchtime game for me- and giving away a set, too! What's your favorite lunch to make? #StoredBrilliantly #ad 🥗
Only in Vegas can you ride a pink roller coaster under a giant pink dome! We took the kids to the Adventuredome theme park at Circus Circus for a birthday party this weekend and it was so strange being back there- I hadn't been there since middle school! What's the most unique theme park you've ever been to? 🎪
Did you know that you're supposed to wash your appliances- like your washing machine and your dishwasher- monthly?? I definitely didn't and I don't think I've EVER washed my dishwasher! I kind of just assumed running it was cleaning it but yeah, not so much. So I'm giving it a try with some @LemiShine Dishwasher Cleaner! If it works even half as good as it smells, my dishwasher will be sparkling clean in no time. Lemi Shine has a whole line of fantastic products that are non-toxic and don't use harsh chemicals. Find them at a store near you!! #CleanFreakClean #ad
We had so much fun this weekend! On Friday night we were invited to preview the newest exhibit at @discoverylv- "Hello From Japan!" We learned a lot about Japanese culture and the boys really loved writing down wishes onto an ema {a paper one at least} and hanging it onto the tree. Zac's wish was to "run so fast"- what would your wish be? {hosted}🎋
Who's ready for some football?! 🏈 Today on the blog I'm sharing the recipe for these Nacho Tacos, because everyone knows the best part about Game Day is the FOOD! What's your favorite food to eat while you watch the game? #OldElPasoTailgate @Walmart #ad 🌮
We went to our local @yogurtlandlv this weekend to try the newest addition to their menu- ice cream! It may sound weird for a froyo place, but I am SO excited about it. My family LOVES Yogurtland's froyo and I do too, but sometimes I'm in the mood for ice cream. Now we can ALL get what we want! And, seriously, it's some of the best soft serve I've ever had! What about you- are you Team FroYo or Team Ice Cream?! {ad}🍦
It's almost fall and around here, that means trips to apple orchards and pumpkin patches and farms! Today on the blog I'm sharing how to make these DIY Farm Animals- and even better, they're made by upcycling K-Cups! What's your favorite farm animal? 🐷
It is officially pumpkin season! Whether it's starting to feel like fall or it's still 110 outside like it is here, these Chocolate Pumpkin Swirl Brownies will get you in the mood for fall quick. The recipe is on the blog today! What's your favorite fall food? 🎃