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User Image thestyleline Posted: Aug 21, 2012 7:10 PM (UTC)

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User Image thestyleline Posted: Jan 21, 2018 3:13 AM (UTC)
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Today we organized an intimate group of #THESTYLELINE's interviewees, friends, and collaborators to meet up at @_mamannyc_ for ☕️🙂🥐 and to participate in the @womensmarch 2018 anniversary. During the day someone asked if it's a challenge for us to keep up and remain involved in the big political conversations happening daily. Yes, it is. Without a doubt. But days like this remind us to continue to be intentional and to reinforce the relationships with the amazing community of women we've been building over the last few years. Thank you to the amazing ladies who showed up today (and show up, speak up, and try to make a positive impact) every day. Stay tuned for more on the site soon. 👯👯👯 #AWindowToOurWorld
"JONESY makes it easy for your undies and bras to feel both stylish AND comfortable." 💁Discover more creative inspiration via our recent story with Rachel Jones of @jonesy_ny 👩‍💻 who shares how she's making her business in style in partnership with @squarespace. Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE x Squarespace #ad
Rediscover how the tiny but mighty fashion brand @petitestudionyc is building a brand for women from all walks of life. 📌 Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE
Colorful details via our Home Visit with @angie.venezia. 📔 Rediscover the story (link in profile) and stay tuned for new features coming soon to the site. 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE
"Happiness and creativity are practices, not gifts. They take work, but we can all do them. The best thing I can say to the next generation is work hard, meet as many people as you can, ask for the business, and create motion one way or another. If something isn’t working, change it. Eventually, you will find the people who value what you are putting out there, and it will be AWESOME." Austin-based interior designer @averycoxdesign shares more life (and style) inspiration 👉over on our homepage. 📷 @mikaela_hamilton for #THESTYLELINE
Beat the #sundayscaries with this office inspiration and stay tuned for the full feature tomorrow on the site. 😍 📷 @nicholaspeterwilson for #THESTYLELINE
Weekend scenes via our Home Visit with @thatschic. 😍 Discover more inspiration by following the link in our profile. 📷 @karenmarieco for #THESTYLELINE
Planning for an exciting year ahead. ✔️ Stay tuned. 📷 @mikaela_hamilton for #THESTYLELINE via our Home Visit with @averycoxdesign
Discover why @marniblank and @willablank founded a space for creativity and take a virtual tour of @blankstudionyc on the site now. 👯 Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE
"If living off of art is normally difficult in Puerto Rico, now it’s much more difficult. Hurricane Maria changed the lives of Puerto Ricans in a matter of hours. We have to adapt to the different situations in which many people like me or my generation have never lived before, especially the fall of communications and electricity. But if I have learned anything from this experience, it is to overcome every situation, help those in need, be patient, be grateful, and remain optimistic even though it may seem impossible. All of this drives my personal and creative inspiration." Meet Frances and the Hurricane Strong women of Puerto Rico who share an honest window into their world. 🖤 Link to homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @eimyfig for #THESTYLELINE #AWindowToOurWorld
User Image thestyleline Posted: Jan 7, 2018 3:13 AM (UTC)
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"Unlocking your own creativity leads to more happiness and is empowering on many levels. If you take the effect of that individually and multiply it, that leads to more innovative thinking and solutions in the realm of sustainability as we try to navigate our way forward." Lisa Muñoz of @leafandjune on unlocking your creativity in our latest Made in Style interview with @squarespace. 🎥 @bridgetbadore and @rachelschwartzmann for #THESTYLELINE #ad
What our ❄️day looked like in a nutshell. Discover more seasonal inspiration in our Stories and on the site now. 👋 📷 @katiejameson for #THESTYLELINE via our Neighborhood Story with @ava_darnell
@argent is building an inspiring workwear brand across two of the most dynamic cities. Discover their mission and meet the co-founders. 💼 Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @melissademata for #THESTYLELINE
Prepping for the first work week of 2018 and taking cues from our interviewees. 💻 Stay tuned to see what we've got planned for the year ahead! 📷 @mikaela_hamilton for #THESTYLELINE via our Home Visit with @averycoxdesign
"At the end of the day, we are a small business, and while that presents its own set of unique challenges, I’ve come to appreciate the specific spirit, grit, and tenacity that comes with building a business like The Style Line – especially over the last year. Yet at the same time, acknowledging the immense strides we’ve made – while knowing what we’re up against – continues to fuel the fire and see The Style Line through to its full potential." Discover our year in review by following the link in our profile. ✨ Sending best wishes for the year ahead! 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE via our 4th birthday party at @byronandblue
User Image thestyleline Posted: Jan 1, 2018 12:55 AM (UTC)
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We're taking #NYE style cues from our interviewees like @marinamoscone. ✨ Discover more inspiration on the site and in our Stories. 🎥 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE via our Studio Visit with Marina Moscone
User Image thestyleline Posted: Dec 30, 2017 3:22 AM (UTC)
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"Blank Studio NYC is really a place where you can be yourself and bring your personal style with you. We are a blank space – literally – so it lends itself to allowing one to express themselves as they feel in that moment. Willa and I take the same attitude." Meet @marniblank and @willablank of @blankstudionyc who share why the founded a space for creativity. 👯 Link to story 👉 Profile 🎥 @bridgetbadore and @rachelschwartzmann for #THESTYLELINE
"During this process, I have learned to be more patient and more thankful. Creativity has helped me through the trauma of Hurricane Maria. I had to pick up the pieces and create a way to get back to work and life. I want the world to know that Puerto Rico has a lot of talented and creative people. We are a community of hardworking and passionate artists that love our island so much! We all want to work together to rebuild Puerto Rico." Meet Sandra and the Hurricane Strong women of Puerto Rico who share an honest window into their world. 🔵 Link to homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @eimyfig for #THESTYLELINE #AWindowToOurWorld
Cozy corners inside @averycoxdesign's home. Discover her eclectic abode and more on the site now. Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @mikaela_hamilton for #THESTYLELINE
Tidying up after the holiday. We hope your day was spent amongst loved ones! 💛 📷 @mikaela_hamilton for #THESTYLELINE via our Home Visit with @pennyweight