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You're looking at two guys that want it. Guys that will go the extra mile and out of their way for it. That it could be a goal, it could be a person, or just overall getting after IT with whatever we're doing. Grateful for all this guy has done for me and taught me, and proud of the man he's raising. Love my pops and we're gonna keep making moves! My cousin's wedding was full of family, love, and a lot of first experiences for me. Couldn't have enjoyed myself more and congrats to the groom and his beautiful bride! #HeadOverHills #HillsAF
Been figurin' things out, still keepin it real tho 👌🏼 #Chicago #Caliago #Cubbies
Punta Cana was a movie. Seriously. The perfect balance of relaxing and partying with the greatest crew. Came with old friends, got closer with them and made new ones. The love everyone shared on this trip was surreal and something I needed. We all looked out for each other like family and that's what's up. It's crazy man, you can go half a lifetime with people and you find out they aren't who you think, but can meet others and spend a week with them and know afterward they GET you and they GOT you. Life. It's a great thing, and as mentioned, IM LIVING MY BEST ONE BABY! #WeTookOver #DidYouExpectDifferent? 😈
Saturday was a movie. Go show @bigtfitness93 some love for his bday tonight at Trophy Room where he's bartending! 🙌🏼 #Caliago #Chicago #SAFTB #Birthday
Come celebrate with us today on the @joydistrictchi rooftop followed by @oldcrowsmokehouse & @tunnelchicago for the fight tonight! 💪🏼 It's beautiful and will be all day 🙌🏼 hit me up!
Just a shoutout to the big boss Ror and my stepmom Karen. They've been a ton of help these past couple weeks with me moving in and leniency at work. It's so much fun when they pop out and my friends get to meet the people I look up to and that raised me (my momma as well!) Also vice versa that my parents get to come to my events and meet my friends that I love dearly. Great times all around! Spend time with, appreciate, be grateful and be there for the people that are there for you. Or in my case, that put up with me! 😂🙌🏼 #Family #CaliagoCruise #Afters #Aug26th
Just a friendly reminder the next Caliago Cruise is coming up in a few weeks... AUGUST 26th. And yes that's the same day as the Mayweather/McGregor fight... and YES there will be an after party with a place to watch 😈 @partywithstrategy2 headlining this one, you KNOW shit's gettin crazy. This was from the bday cruise... LAST ONE OF THE SUMMER. DONT. SLEEP!
When your friends can't find you, get on Walsh's shoulders 😂 Lolla was an incredible time with the fam and friends. I love this city 🙌🏼 #Lollapalooza #Chicago #Caliago
Hefe. Gets. LOCO. Catch us mobbin thru the spot tonight. @caliagowalshie throwing down some heat POST LOLLA at @elhefechicago . This is your after party. HMU or slide thru. Line starts forming at 1030, come before 😈

#Caliago #Chicago #ElHefe #Fridays #Promoseven
Pictures from the bday cruise are up! Hit up the Caliago FB page to check them out. Super amped about how they turned it so tag your friends in them 🙌🏼 #Caliago #Cruise #Chicago #BoatParty
The meat from this bone was no joke, f*** a fork and knife tho 😂 @georgerizzio @paulalqas
#RPM #Steak #Chicago
When all the randoms are grabbing at your bottle so you pour half of it into a big craft glass and walk away 🤷🏽‍♂️😂 #Tunnel #Saturdays #Caliago #Chicago
Everyone's been asking about it, and here it is! Next Saturday 3-7pm on the boat, 7-11pm on Estate's rooftop, and Tunnel to end the night. Birthday's galore including my own. Don't miss out again if you weren't on the first one 🙌🏼 LINK:

#Chicago #Caliago #Boat #Party #Birthday #Cruise
Vegas this past weekend with my family was a BLAST. My "little" sister got to celebrate her 21st and I got to celebrate as well since I never went for mine! Always fun spending time with the fam 💙

#Vegas #Aria #Marquee #StillDying
The first Caliago Cruise got CRAZY. Come join the madness on the bday banger Saturday July 15th 3pm-7pm. After party on @estateultrabar ROOFTOP then @tunnelchicago! Flyer and ticket links will be up later today 🙌🏼 #Caliago #Cruise #Chicago #Boat #Party