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They really should’ve came up with a better slogan than that. Lol
Don’t act like you never changed your mind at Walmart...
Panda... panda...
Panda panda panda panda panda pddddddddddddddddrrrrraaaaaaa!
When you know those girls at the swing are talking about you... @brittanyhenne
You wear flip flops, I wear work boots. You know you're old when you get excited about new work boots... These puppies are lit yo!
"Did you put the car in bark" "Jeff, this is not the fucking time"
These dogs think they can do whatever they want! Soon time for a road trip around the block a couple times to the dog pound for a good scare... see if I can get their heart rate elevated.
In a little over a month this handsome little man turns 3. If you ask me, that was the fastest 3 years of my life. Time really needs to slow down because before I know it, he'll be going to college and getting married and having kids and posting a similar post to this with his son in the future... the only advise I can give him is to enjoy every min and every time he can with everyone he loves. It just goes by way to fast.
All 11 boxes full of goodies that I'll never wear or use again going to someone who needs it. #behumble
They must be some really expensive old navy flip flops...
You're an amazing person, so there's no words or amount to describe how great you are as a mother. Your mother couldn't have done a better job with you. Everyday I'm with you is a chance for me to witness how it should be done. You are the by far the strongest, caring, loving mommy to those boys and even though it's hard at times you continue to show me how a person never gives up. You bend over backwards for those kids and one day they are going to amaze you because of the job you have done for them. On behalf of our kids, we are all saying happy Mother's Day. We love you to infinity and beyond!