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  Posted: Aug 21, 2012 7:48 AM FEED
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Been talking about travels with my boy @powa_of_taoa and starting to getting the itch for another adventure.
It's funny how everyone is asking and assuming @emilyjaime and I are having a baby because i was making a crib. Well guys we ARE not having a baby yet. I made it for our good friends @britty_mack and @jmack808 for their first child on the way . I am honored and stoked to be a part of why she'll have great and safe nights rest for years to come. Follow my wood working if you want @thesplinterconcept .
Blessed to have a wife that expanded my life of adventure and unknown!!! Sand-boarding in the Sahara desert was never in my bucket list until I did it.✔️ never would of slept in the ground of a nomad's mud hut.✔️ never would of traveled 8 hours on a camel's back ✔️ there was a lot of things just on the Morroco trip that will stay with me for the rest of my life that's all because of God's great blessing of a wife @emilyjaime and her company @yireh_ @yireh_home
Mexico was a unbelievable trip got to visit where my ancestor are from and ate A LOT of great food and tequila!!! Thank you @coquicoquiofficial and @yireh_ for making it happen
So getting here to @coquicoquiofficial was a mission. Woke up at 4 to @caseykaui and @whoisdovey trying to open the front door the took a bus to the airport for a hour and a half took two planes and One of the sketchiest Uber pick ups ,to a 2 hour drive to Mayan ruins and now here drinking a well deserved cocktail..
This women you gave me lord go's big in her dreams, travel and the way she loves me and others,. She dances to the beat of the drum God gave her, does everything in her life through @yireh_ and the way she lives to be the truest version of herself. She is a visionary and a voice to everyone she comes into contact with and is determined to leave this world better that how she received it. If you ask me this is what Adam should of said about eve.
It was fun building this custom shelving for @foundryco.op retail space. If you are a female this place is where you should be getting your hair done.
One year ago I was blessed to marry my absolute best friend. She is reason for so many adventures and why I have seen so much of this world. Happy anniversary my love! @emilyjaime
What a fish Friday!!! Thanks to @shanewoah for coming home and bring our crazy tribe of friends together. Shane you are a rockstar!!!!! And happy birthday to Laura was great meeting the person behind the snapchats!!! Lol and so you know Emily's fish was 7 pounds and mine was 5.6 .
With my good friend @mulsinoge At Bingin Beach my homebreak away from Hawaii
So much beauty she holds and gives to others . She is strong, smart, caring ,selfless,deep, honest most of all my better half! @emilyjaime
Still wondering if this place was real... even thou I was there. 🤔
Happy Mother's Day and happy birthday to my baby sister!!! Love you guys and hope you both have a bombtastic day!!!!!!
My wife rips!!! She has been stepping up and pulling into some epic bali barrels. Proud husband for sure.