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  Posted: Aug 21, 2012 5:47 AM FEED
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every night is a new morning.

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I rock happiness on your eyes. #gregorysiff Paper, Blues, Sunflower, Bubble Gum, on canvas. Now on view at @4am_gallery @dreamhotelsla
Write it down, write it true. The Blueprint, 2017, 30 in. x 30 in. graphite, acrylic and water on canvas #gregorysiff
"Shit's gotta be like top tier now or I'm not even concerned."Photo and words by @2wenty_ #ragingbull #gregorysiff #film
I do it for my momma and the longevity. Heart. We all have one. #gregorysiff photo by Michael b @chillaxnyc
"A Great Life" 2017, Hand Painted Multiple 4/9 18 in. x 24 in. Watercolor and Acrylic on 100lb. Cougar Cover Paper @growyourownmedia
Pack a house with love. It's easy to do this when you have such strong family and friends that can set the night on fire. Thank you for every hug, every smile, every real word from your lips. It was in here. It is here @dreamhotelsla Gregory Siff Studios @4am_gallery come @btlsvc @veuveclicquot through @avenuela @pavantakespictures @demien_farrell @rocketsmom @richard.heyman @grantwalkerking @noahtepperberg @jasonstrauss @sanchmich #gregorysiffstudios photo by Michael B
When I finally get to see you again, 2017, 36 in. x 36 in., acrylic and mixed media on canvas. #gregorysiff @dreamhotelsla @4am_gallery
A Raging Bull watching over you tonight. @dreamhotelsla #gregorysiff @avenuela see you at the Dream. 6417 Selma Ave. courtyard. @4am_gallery
This one is for all the Dreamers in the land of the Angels so we can fly higher than anything that ever held us back. Tonight. Life is an Art Show. @dreamhotelsla
@4am_gallery #gregorysiff @avenuela 8:30-11pm 6417 Selma Ave. LA, CA 90028
Walk into an artist's Dream. I am proud to invite you to @dreamhotelsla for the Premiere Party and Grand Opening of Gregory Siff Studios presented by @4am_gallery @veuveclicquot @btlsvc This Tues, Oct. 10th, 830-11pm at the Dream Hollywood, Courtyard Entrance,6417 Selma Ave. LA, CA 90028 join us for the unveiling of new paintings, a print release and hoodie drop only on the property.
Gratitude and love to all of my fam for this respect and residency.
@taola @rocketsmom @pavantakespictures @noahtepperberg @jasonstrauss @sanchmich @grantwalkerking @powderfrench @2wenty_ @steveshawphotos @tiashipman @shayanafshar @mikeybaruch @demien_farrell @lakerwoman @lakerguy @richard.heyman 📸by @coreyepstein #paintedculture #gregorysiff