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I'm learning that many of the street art pieces mean a lot 2 the folks who call the streets their hat off too Herakut for this one #herakut #sanfrancisco #tenderloin #sfstreetart #streetart #streetarteverywhere #arteurbano #urbanart #instagrafite #graffiti #graffitiart #wallart #eyeseeyou #heart #pride

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"I'm not really allowed to be mad...yet you are, really allowed to be mad...and isn't that sad?" #solange #aSeatAtTheTable #racism [Black people aren't really allowed to be mad...and they deserve...]
Damn. Sippin bubbly. Feelin lovely. Livin lovely. [today was so amazingly beautiful. after an especially trying year with a non-stop round-the-clock grind that almost broke a lotus, it's been such a blessing and privilege to have this vacation with @ellies_hoes [and as much as I love bourbon, this last year has been all about the champas] ps, head over to @ellies_hoes to hear my high pitched giggly tipsily self saying lawd knows what lol #ibiza #formentera
Left London before madness 💔 hit. Prayers seem a bit ineffective at this point. It's really difficult not to be affected tho. Brexit is something I only read about from afar but being in London last few days made it very very real. You just feel it in the air at nite a-la-Phil Collins...[self portrait a-la #Frida with a nod to #Janet 🔐...thank u at @ellies_hoes for hosting me and allowing me to escape ElAy even for just a lil bit]
R E L A X • B R E A T H E • B E. #lotus
Working really hard not to burst into uncontrollable giggles! #lotus [Why did you go? I had to.] #whiskey
Manhattan [pronounced "man-hat-ehn"] My coping during this depressing time !!! #cocktail 😋 see the perfect round cube! Amaze balls! Lol
Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise. #intothenight #myMoon #blackbird #night #fly #arise #theBeatles #beatles #blackbird #hiMom love this song
Haven't been a fan of #kanye for a couple of years now, but I truly feel compassion for him & anyone else who has deep struggles with their mental health and wellness...this world especially makes POC mad ...saw this as I was driving home and it made me smile (only in ElAy) #losangeles #ye #yeezy #streetart
I know who I want to take me home .... Lessons from Drunk History #drunkhistory #supersonic lol #takemehome #linmanuelmiranda 😭😂 awesome I tipsy
Lately doesn't it feel like we are living in a reality show? Nothing seems real, tangible, grounded. That plus an exhausting work week is making my usual happy wine buzz feel muted... depressed... dull? WTF?! Lol must pair my wine now with whiskey shot to bring my buzz back to life ..resuscitation paddles lol muahahahaha #wine #whiskey #nonsensical #bullshitTrumpEra #fascismIsTrendy silly ass purpurella
"Okay, okay, okay! Okay! Okay! (That part)
Beggars can't be choosers, bitch this ain't Chipotle" lol 😆 #dtla #losangeles #styleontopofstyle impulsive post ...mane I missed that lol #schoolboyq #staybehindyellowline
Like tiny embers flying in the night sky ...[I admit it, I cried myself to sleep yesterday, but today I rise & write] #latina #poetry #words #poem
No f*cking walls!l open borders lol it took me moving mountains to make time to see the homie @dis_satisfied but here I am playing hookie from work to drank margaritas with Nev ... feeling supa inspired from hearing about his travels and life experiences! So glad he got me out from my cave #mejicana lol
[This album ...moved me unlike anything in a long time...I think it's time to bring back purpurella...I've been so weary but "I'm gonna look for my glory, yeah, I'll be back like real soon"] #solange #aseatatthetable
I've been working non stop for past month. Now in #chicago enjoying a margarita as we sit and discuss the never ending assault on people of color in the US and world and talking bout emotional emancipation and liberation if real change is to occur. A lotus is tired but also reinvigorated #healingispower what made me post on purpurella today I don't know, may be the margaritas tee hee
Been thinking a bit bout why I disappeared off of IG. As racial violence & killings escalated in the US, & Black Lives Matter a movement emerged, & racists (including those who had been closeted racists & bigots emerged), & haters began to hate even more all over the world, & the injustices began to weigh heavier and heavier in my soul & my career became more careery in the social justice movement & life ups & downs kept rolling thru, it made this lotus want to find peace & solace not in picture taking or social media in my free time but by reading book after book and riding my bike ...the world right now makes me want to shout. So I find peace where I can. I'm off to LA today and it was so great to catch up with the amazing IG world for a minute. And to hang with beautiful lovely friends in Miami but I'm just not sure I can keep up with IG once I'm back to my grind. Sending peace and love to everyone tho in this mad mad mad world 💜🙏🏾 #streetart #graffiti #miami #wynwood #artbasel2015 #artbasel