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Um dos diferenciais do um mirante pra chamar de seu. ❤️✨🔥
Perspectives of a blue sky: 3/3 Whitney, NY ☁️☄️☁️
Perspectives of a blue sky: 1/3 Moma PS1
NY series: Cotton Candy Sky / Céu de Algodão-doce 💙💗
NY series: Louise Bourgeois at Whitney Museum, Quarantania • After emigrating from Paris to New York in 1938, Bourgeois soon embarked on a series of carved and painted wood sculptures, which she called “Personages,” that evoked the upright human form. The sculptures, she explained, were a way of recreating all the people she had left behind in her homeland. Quarantania, an early example from this series, consists of five elongated forms huddled on a pedestal, in a “duel,” as she put it, “between the isolated individual and the shared awareness of the group.” She alluded in part to her own childhood: the group in Quarantania not only resembles human figures, but also sewing needles or weaving shuttles, the tools of her family’s tapestry restoration trade. At the same time, the abstract character of the forms summons forth a totemic or mythic presence. The sculpture also could be read as a family portrait: by 1941 Louise and her husband were parents of 3. ~ How I feel today: family that matters ❤️
NY series: Jenny Sabin Studio at Moma PS1, Lumen (hi-tech and environmental textile) ⚪️🔘⚪️🔘
NY series: Cinthia Marcelle at Moma PS1, Education by Stone (chalk on bricks) ➖➖➖
NY series: 9/11 Memorial by Michael Arad and Peter Walker — largest manmade waterfalls in North America. Impacta pelo tamanho do buraco. 🏴
NY series: Fearless Girl, everybody wants to be. 💪🏼👱🏼‍♀️🙋🏼🙆🏼🙅🏼💁🏼 >> scroll left <<