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Well hey there, fall. Now that it's under 120 degrees I'm finally indulging in a peppermint mocha and plaid scarf from @vintagesoultx and apple-scented candle and all manner of cliche fall things. 🍂🎃🍁
Saturday comfort food: homemade spinach pie and cheesy mashed potatoes. 😋
"His mercies are new each morning" ☀️🍃 Happy weekend!
If my math is correct, this is our fifth annual Texas Alliance for Life benefit dinner selfie!
I often find myself reluctant to spend reading time on the classics, assuming they'll be stuffy and old. But they are always the opposite — rich, alive, instructive, good for the soul. The Secret Garden was worth every page.
There is the barest hint of fall on the breeze this morning 🍃🍂🍃
Seattle was a blast but boy is it nice to be back in my little town with my bed and my car and MY PUPPIES! Happy Monday friends 😊 #homesweethome
I am quite grateful my hubby let me drag him out on a wild goose chase through the woods even if it ended up being a little longer hike than we intended 😍 From all the fun windy pathways and staircases through the forest to the beach and lighthouse, I feel like I took a ton of photos but they don't do this park justice!
All this green gloriousness almost got me convinced I could live here. If only Seattle was a little sunnier and more conservative and in Texas! 🌲🌳🌱🌿☘️🍃🌾 #nofilter
🎵Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer🎶 First trip to the PNW and I've been dying to use this caption for ages!
If you are at all into video games or sci-fi movies/TV, Armada will tickle all of your fancies. A delightful, fast-paced tale about the "what if" daydreams every sci-fi fan has entertained. (Bonuses: there is a Portal reference that made me LOL, and the author is from Austin!)
When Chick-fil-A is closed but you end up with a delightful lemon poppyseed cake donut instead, so your mission is not a total failure.