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Just a giant pile of gold jewelry. No big deal.

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▪️◼️⬛️ @feitdirect. Yes/no/why the fuck haven't I already bought these?
Hand made by yours truly for a good, old-fashioned home-cooked #mothersday dinner.
📷: Ronald Stoops 💄: Inge Grognard, obviously.
This girl gets stuff DONE and she don't need no grown ups to do it. #bossinthemaking #guncles 👧🏻🌽🎟✈️
There is an entire room of books and Duplo and puzzles and toys and balls, by the way.
Want to pinch these cheeks so bad, but I'm not stupid enough to wake him up. 😍😩
Putting tahini in yogurt sounded crazy, but tasted 💯
I wish I were even half as cool as necessary to own and ride this beauty. #spottedonthestreet