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  Posted: Aug 20, 2012 8:22 PM FEED
3 Walden
Lmao like mother like daughter

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How I need to be consoled after that @phxrisingfc result last night😭🙈💔 #DailyDoseOfDidier #DoseOfDisappointment
Happy Birthday to a real one @haka15 !!💚🖤💛 One of my favs that even goes back to the FC Dallas days😂 Hope you have a great day & blessed year! Keep smiling!😁🤘🏻
It is definitely time to say goodbye & move on to something bigger & better, but RFK thank you for some of my fondest memories & being home & host to some of my favourite people!⚽️💙💚❤️
I can’t believe this was a year ago! & I can’t believe the same thing happened in September lol🙈 Even though i didn’t see you in New England I think the fact you said “See you in New England” was amazing enough. I may or may not have been slightly heartbroken but that was pieced back together at Red Bull Arena. But more importantly just like in Phoenix all I want is for you to be safe, healthy, & strong!💪🏻 I think it’s clear I need to be more careful next time I fly in to see you play😂 I guess October 22 is the date of #DoseOfDisappointment since I’ve been staying up & the match got suspended🙃 Sending you big hugs💚🐘🤗
I’m posting this as a virtual good luck high five @didierdrogba , because we know what happened after this😏 Not like you need luck though because all of your success comes from hard work, dedication & Commitment😉 You are prepared and ready to fight!🤝⚽️🔥 #DailyDoseOfDidier
“We should go to a match together sometime.”
First of all, you’re not my mom
So great to see a few Chelsea boys💙 & of course the AMERICAN @geoffcameron ❤️⚽️
Lone Chelsea fan cheering😂 Always happy when @mbatshuayi scores!!!!💙🔝💪🏻
When Facebook Memories makes your heart burst💙 2 RELENTLESS Kings👑👑 #DailyDoseOfDidier
I swear @didierdrogba can caress the football with his chest better than most players can with their feet😍⚽️💙 #DailyDoseOfDidier
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 7:42 AM
10 X-Pro II
What a great game & incredible goal @bertrandtraore10 ❤️⚽️! So happy I got to see play & score in person again! Keep killin’ it🙌🏻 Always so nice seeing you😊 Safe travels back!🙏🏻
I love ⚽️ under the lights😍! First Europa League Match! Let’s go @ol @bertrandtraore10 💙❤️🇫🇷
This is why I have #MambaMentality tattooed. This is why @kobebryant is my #MUSE . One of the loudest voices I heard in my calling to become a Sport Psychologist. This one is right up there with his Achilles Facebook rant🙌🏻 #RELENTLESS
I can just feeeeeeel @christy13x threatening me telling me not to say anything. So I’ll just post this pic instead😶 Can you bring this hair back @didierdrogba 😍🤤 #DailyDoseOfDidier #DoseOfDisappointmentIfYaKnowWhatIMean
I’d expect nothing less from this man @davidluiz_4 💪🏻🔝💙