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Graffiti ain't art. Techno ain't music and the earth is flat! ☝

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What an incredible weekend in Berlin. @urbannationberlin revealed their brand new museum for urban art and so many artists were there. You have to check this out. Here is a full recap of my friends installation from @herakut - thanks to all for this great moments. Feeling thankful.
Lovely humans smile to hate. Create to be happy and share what they have: passion.
My Childhood Was Lonesome And The Only True Friend Was That Monkey On My Back #herakut
Good times at #Lollaberlin. Danke an @seat_de für die Einladung. Wir freuen uns auf Tag zwei.
Take a look. There is more then meets the eye.
What was the last thing you did for the first time? Hard to remember? You should write it down or tell someone. These are the little important steps.
Summer in Hamburg was my favorite day this year.
Found this shot I took from an very old airplane three sommers ago. It's the harbour view from my hometown Hamburg which I moved to 6 years ago today! So many things happened and I think every ups and downs let you become a better person. Memories are my motor and I am grateful for all the opportunities and meetings I had. Thank you friends, instagram and whoever I will meet (again) in the near future!
Would you erase good memories supposing that remembering them is hurting more then healing?
Right now I am sitting 5m away from the place where the escalation of the G20 summit started in Hamburg some days ago. We are used to demos, crowds and over-the-top groups. But who could expect what happened in this lovely city. First we celebrated with music and art performances, then we had burning cars and violence on both sides. It was sad, unreal and you felt helpless. Today. The sun shines, the helicopters are silent and 1000s helped cleaning their streets. It's almost like nothing happened. But the media will mainly spread the pictures of these dark moments. Please, do not forget. There is more than black and white. We are unique and united. And all colors are beautiful #acab ;) If you feel like, say something nice to a person you haven't talked to in a while. These moments are the most precious.