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  Posted: Aug 20, 2012 6:31 AM FEED
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Posted: Oct 14, 2017 1:56 AM
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The clamp project turned out real 🔥
Rock, mosquito, and hummingbird. Brilliant work from @dibrooks101. It's like prehistory roshambo played with core samples on @governorsisland. Thanks for the look around @shanebrennan!
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 12:19 AM
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Quarter wavy. Signal coming in loud and not so clear to a storage space near you 📻
Thanks to all passengers and messengers who joined the opening of Futurefarmers: Arrange at @hehgallery this evening. Rehearsals will continue throughout the week and the show will run through February 4.
Tomorrow night come check the Futurefarmers exhibition at @hehgallery opening from 6-9. A small selection of works from twenty five years of collaboration. The last couple of which I've been lucky to join in. Show up October 4 through February 4.
This big stick that Audrey, Amy, and I made a couple years back during the earliest moments of @seedjourney is gonna be newly stuck in the Futurefarmers show at @hehgallery, opening 10/4 from 6-9p, 2180 3rd Avenue @ 119th Street. Seed Mast is only one blip in the 25 years of work by Ff, and this show will survey many of the blips, big and small. Hope ya can check it.
DIY Toolmaker's clamp. Bout to make 💯or so first year students make these🤞🏼
And this one is a bit of the Berlin Wall in Sofia, which was "accidentally" cleaned of all its original graffiti some time ago when the city decided to tidy up public monuments. Afterwards some local graffiti artists were commissioned to paint on it, as a kind of restoration project which apparently turned out bad, and the piece of wall was power washed bare again.
Another one of the coolest and kindest pile of books and prints in the world, @hiphiplibrary. It was the most lovely thing to stumble into the embrace of this place and make new friends in the stacks and and over the excitement of pulling something off -- a book fair for and by artists in Bulgaria -- out of sheer force of will and stoke. Here, Dessy is either fielding a call from the national radio station or sorting out the last details of next week's Sophia Art Book Fair. Hip hip is dope. Check it. And fuck New York!
Farewell to @schooner.hippo for now. This leg of the journey from the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and Turkey to Istanbul, the Sea of Marmara and back and forth was perhaps the most challenging of Hippo's voyages yet, but the vessel and crew and dreams are all alive and well ready for the next round. Huge shout out to Captain @clemenspoole, Chief Engineer @shanekandy, Cabinboy @anikainlondon, Ablebodied Sea People @graceelizabethsmith & Noah Poole, Turkish Agent & Bosphorus Pilot @serkantaycan, Ship's Cook @ze.hatipoglu, and all the confused customs officials, grumpy marina chefs, dear friends, and family in between. Fair winds and blue skies until soon.