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Some 20 yr old fiesta partiers fucked up bermudez's car at santas!!!!

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Got a bunch of rad friends playin over at The End tonight, yall oughta go spend your Tuesday rockin and rollin
And on my work computer's fifth restart, we are frozen. Friday! Wrestlin photo to prove this is a video ;)
Checked out @thecoinop last night, rad hang! See ya round Chattanooga! Thanks for the hospitality Katey and Dave!
Landed! Chattanooga, @acme_geronimo and @leximotherfucker and I are here for the evening, say hi!
I couldn't have fabricated this, she's the goofiest goof that ever goofed.
Well that is quite a Ludacris guest, probly put the competition in the pocket! Way to go EarDrummers #thanksredbull #cultureclash #atlanta
The ground comin through them leaves tho
Some homies and I got lit last night for Wavves @exit_in . Jonny Kingsbury killin the installation game
New Twin Peaks in the same room I watched the pilot a mighty amount of years back #isthereonehere #iguesswefoundout
These say Nashville 3:16 and RAW IS THE JAM
TODAY! Come catch the new wave of badass at the SGRRC showcase! You have my word, it will improve your quality of life. Third Man Records, 3pm doors, parrrrrrTY