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Everyone's invited to opening night Nov. 3rd 6-8pm. At SPENCER DEVON BREWERY.
See how your favorite artists view Fredericksburg. Also enjoy a fine craft beer and live music by Cabin Creek. Maybe even take a little piece of Fred home with you.
Local Artist list includes:
Bill Harris - FB: /billharrisart
Rachel Hicks - @rachelhicksart
James Coleman - @jcoleman835
Anson - @ansonartistry
Rob Landeck - @rlandeck
Jenna Anderson - @jennaandersonfineart
Jeremy Gann - @mr_gann
Courtney Fishback - @whale_finn87
Brad Bellante - @bradbellantetattoos
Morgan Buenos - @morganbuenos
Rob Scheyder- @robscheyder
Julian Bast - @julianbast
Kenny Brown - @woodbooger
Chance Kenyon - @chance456
Kelley Drake - @kelleydrake
Greg Howell - @ghowell
Johan Ulrich - @johantattoos
Kevin Murphy - @bawss_hawgg
Dustin Mugridge - @dustinmugtattoos
Tony Talbert - @tonytrustworthy
Ike Shaver - @ikespect

Sponsored by: Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival
For more info call (540) 899-9002
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Hi everyone👋 Miles and I will be participating in the Walk for Animals during the AARF on Saturday Nov 4th and then enjoying the festival. Sponsor us and come enjoy the festivities! Sponsorship Link on Tattoo Revival FB Page. ❤️ @fredspca #adoptdontshop #fredspca #rescue
Started this. Thanks for looking.
Thank you @jessesmithtattoos for being the best convention partner I could ever have been saddled with. I can't wait to see what we come up with for next year! Love you brother. Thanks for the #masterblaster shot @kencredible and @tattooyearbook #richmondtattooconvention
Worked on this Kintaro cover up sleeve today.
First tattoo back after the #richmondtattooconvention ... started this Batman thing. Thanks for looking.
@kencredible took this picture of @airwaterdiver , his son Adam, and myself in the @tattooyearbook booth. It was an honor having you at th #richmondtattooconvention after a 23 year hiatus from conventions. Cheers and we will talk soon my friend.
As if I wasn't crying enough on Sunday, @jessesmithtattoos gave me my own trophy. Thank you man I must have done something right to have such an amazing business partner and crew! You guys are the best. Love you. Can't wait to see what we make happen for next year! @galialysbeth @mattyrva
Building stage signs for this weekend. Make sure to come party with @jessesmithtattoos and me at the 25th annual @richmondtattooconvention
Working on some stage decorations for the 25th annual @richmondtattooconvention
Radical Artwork by @davekoenigart
Getting super pumped for next weekend.
So pumped about these. If you've been around we're happy to have you around. Pros and cons of gettin' old :)
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You can't pay ur dues with money. Experience, time, loyalty and dedication is how they're paid. And that's the only way u can earn one of these pins :) @richmondtattooconvention OG's !!
Started this fun draw on a super cool client.