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  Posted: Aug 19, 2012 7:52 PM FEED
386 Hudson
Nice day in Detroit!
  • Zaaaaaaamn @diamond_princezz70!!! U went and got ya people on me!!! I guess y'all go text me ta death!!!! B4 y'all do tho!!! Eat A Dick!!!

  • 👍

  • Where ever they got u they lyin 2 u that's not a Detroit fire hydrant.......

  • Eastside Promenade and Dickerson HOE!

  • @barbuto68 lol who's maken a video on broad?

  • @diamond_princezz70!!! U one scary old, saggy face, irrational ass bitch!!! First u all in my business talkn shit.... Then u get mad when i checked the dog shit outta u and go run and get help??? I'm putting money on ya momma head right now!!! Who doing the Eulogy???

  • @xo_beautifulll me - the smoking lol 😝

  • Not Detroit my guy

  • @diamond_princezz70 u ain't go do shit but text me ta deaf!!! I got u so amped and u caint do shit but text!!! U have no life, u can't even defend urself over instagram.... U are my dear, a complete loser..... And they just told me ya moms died years ago.... Imma dig dat bitch up and piss in her.... POW!!! Now what hoe!!! Get a me..... 😂😂😂😂

  • Detroit all day bitch!!!

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂I got y'all soooo mad!!! We in tears over here!!!

  • @diamond_princezz70 next time don't start texting people with them shitty ass fingers and u won't be getting clowned.... Mind your skid row ass business....

  • 10elimbo damnnnn u went the hell off im following u lol

  • @diamond_princezz70!!! When The Gays Attack!!! 😂😂😂

  • Whats up im just readin yall shit lmao thats all id want no beef lol

  • @diamond_princezz70!! Why did u change Ur Pic???

  • That shit was crazy he went in on her ass

  • Sick a picture of a parking lot

  • @diamond_princezz70.... Ain't nobody thinkn about 10dicksIntheass or whatever his name is!!! U got clowned and I hurt ur homo feelings.... U wouldn't have changed Ur pic... Btw, I still see that Adams Apple.... And u have been officially CLOWNED....

  • Oh my

  • 👈now that's pretty u cock having cock blower @diamond_princezz70!!!!! Get real!!! U look like a pale,sloppy ass honkey with a black line around ya lips.... Or is that shit???

  • @diamond_princezz70 that was a lil racial...ull going ham...

  • @sexybaddallinone, Im sorry Ur comments have been reject I only go hard on 1 ugly muthafucca a day.....With u my dear it would take up to a month..... Good bye

  • How can u b mad at me for what they said i mean u went in to just not harder they him but its cool with me u super mad doe hahaha u r a non factor so kick rocks in find some business with ya self pretty lil thang u

  • Then him

  • But u ugly... @sexybaddallinone!!! What can u say when u ugly??? Nothing😂😂😂

  • Yall going ham in im over here ctfu bitches getting mad at me like i said something wrong it was so bad u didnt even kno what to say back lmao he got u good

  • @diamond_princezz70..... When u go stop texting??? Damn bitch I quit!!! Fuck outta here!!!

  • I live for this shit well on my free time lmao

  • But he was really talking about u @diamondprincezz70 cuz u can't spell Lmao read the comment y'all wild


  • I had fun on here I can't lie.... @diamond_princezz70, @10elbimbo skin cancer having, lice making, incest loving, dodo eating muahfuccas made my day!!! And you @sexybaddallinone should get yo toe cut off u Toby look bitch!!!!! Byyyee👋✋👋✋👋

  • I  YOUUUUU , Meek Millyyyy 

  • @meekmill you at the Henry

  • @10elbimbo.... Imma make mine short and simple...... Eat A Dick.....

  • Yoo meek mills in Detroit watch out Briton haha

  • Ctfu fuck her i block that hoe

  • Dam meek check out these hatin ass tricks^^^ u doin u.. thug keep flowin ur music go hard fuk these haters

  • Its just instagram get a life you got 2 much time on ur hands for that book u just wrote stop it

  • @10elbimbo Don't u have some dick to suck on??? Haven't I clowned yo big booty whole having ass enough already!!! U bitches ain't got shit else to do.... And what nigga calls himself a bimbo??? I know!!! A gay ass faggot cum sipper!!! Bitch Ur finished!!! Go take Ur HIV medicine!!! Or put a pad on that bloody ass booty whole😂 el burrito fagito dick suckio

  • 🌇❤D.

  • @diamond_princezz70 i feel u she really was for that.... enjoy ur day sont worry about theses post its been goibg on,for my whole work day....smdh it was funny tho youll made my day go by fast....

  • @kittencatpurrrr ....look like u taking on alotta ppl and u still killing hope you from the D

  • My car made it in this pic doe :-/ a pic of the parking lot doe? :-/ bwahahaha

  • @diamond_princezz70 ....I dnt even knw you so I dnt have nuthn bad to say bout u so u and plus WE BOTH knw u will never see me so why must I argue with any of y'all ????

  • Yea really its still insta grow up and thanks for the promo

  • Where you at Milli?!?! Lets smoke hashish pronto, im about 30 minutes from anywhere in detroit

  • my city

  • Where were you?

  • Thanks for the shout out

  • Shout out 2 @kittencatpurrrr y'all fuckin wit 1 of the best & too @10elbimbo wit yo " I can tell u haven't been 2 school by the grammar u using" we can tell by them 2 essay u wrote that u went 2 school I didn't kno if I should comment or grade them shits

  • Lol this nigga by fairlane

  • Irk, not the D.

  • @diamondprincezz70 bitches be mad u can't really see my face Hon I look like a China doll been told that all my life but I'm a goon from the 215 bitch and I will bust ur manly looking ass come to the Badlands and ask about lalicious/la smiles get at me ho on anotha note ain't ur mom dead don't make her get pissed on twice

  • Y'all both fucking ratchet as fuck ^^^

  • lol that girl really look like a mini silver back gorilla though uhhhh MGM payday everyday

  • Wake n bake

  • Ya mother u heard me u see me ask about me and u will find me I'm not in the D bitch all cuz ur dumb ass can't spell u get mad I'm in north ho don't yap about it be about it slow minds can't keep up ho u hype over a pic I'm not pressed we both know we look like when u see me if its that deep see me

  • Dickeater arguing wit every body know ur m/o already ho

  • And hulk Hogan stop stalking my ig pics and give Dolly Parton her wig back

  • @diamond_princezz70 is it bad that I like the kardashians? An about the pics, I just started my instagram this morning. And youare not a female.

  • That's y its private cuz all her peeps already know ITS A MAN let me not fight u u might fickle me up diaMANd

  • @diamond_princezz70 hey ho 2days strong u wanna go for more my ig is new u tube me bitch and don't dickeat THE PHILLY BARBIE CHRONICLES I'm on ho check the music too bitch I'm all authentic and the background that's all me I own my house and car get on my level 32 and I am the shit

  • @lalicious215!!!! He look like Jesus and Santa Clause!!!! At the same damn time!!!😂😂😂

  • @diamond_princezz70 get a job u pale sloppy, retro porn lookn, broke ass Honkey!!! U must collect SSI check cause u been on this bitch for days now!!!! Bitch I swear u look just like Jesus!!!😂😂😂 and Stop tryna Solicit dick on here bitch ain't nobody fuckn witcho Blanche from the Golden Girls lookn ass!!! #DEAD

  • Leave #Jesus outta this #He loves us ladies @Honiztee is PROOF MUAAAAAZ I LOVE U 2

  • @diamond_princezz70 I'm black and I'm still killing u... That racist shit dont bother u when u getting money and drop dead gorgeous!!! U white nasty, bologna, hot dog juice smelling, black dick begging ass, lice infesting, white devil, cracker bitch!!! Lmaooooo

  • @diamond_princezz70 I guess using all caps mean u mad??? Lmaooooo!!!

  • @diamond_princezz70 I swear my church need u this Easter to play Jesus!!! It ain't like u got no job..... Lmfaoooooooo

  • @diamond_princezz70 bitch u been sucking big black cock all night, Don't worry about the Lord now!!!!!! Scab ass bitch.... I'm out....Amen

  • @diamond_princezz70 knock it off already.... Act Ur age not Ur wage boo... ✌

  • Very short ho

  • Ratchet Hercules Hercules Hercules

  • And the only reason some weak ass black men go to white trash is cuz y'all take it in the ass don't bite wit ur snap on smiles and y'all dumb as shit y'all will mortgage a house for that big black dick huh if I was a nigga I would fuck y'all too for all black people sake wet ass dog

  • U heard that bitch oink @kittencatpurrrr

  • How u gonna dickeat my line @diamond_princezz70 u know Nicholas u make no since

  • Sense

  • @diamond_princezz70 how u gonna call somebody a porch monkey an u the on swinging from our branches and furthermore let me show u how God works that same cotton earned us the right to be on top we fuckin y'all and its not being called rape all ur kids emulate us all ur money buys our products

  • As well as u want an ass like mine lips and eyes u wish

  • @diamond_princezz70 ho I didn't mention ur name but I ate ur ass up on the gram please read my pleasure

  • Please come to lni if u want it u racist ho say those words out here that's what I thought known in north don't matter @diamond_princezz70 u in for it trailer trash

  • @diamond_princezz70 pussycat so right and how u know what it look like u munching on it carpet monster ctfu bet u daddy helped get them black men something extra out the deal besides y'all earn ur keep either u getting fucked up or up the butt or paying ur way trust me ain't to many black women going through that nomore y'all took our slack learn ur history and remember it repeats itself and what goes around comes around @kittencatpurrrr this bitch stupid let her be poor ho

  • That's u and ur sister practicing insest

  • @diamond_princezz70 u and ur sister practicing insest go swing ho

  • I hope all ur black friends r watching

  • Yo I bet meek get a kick out of you weirdos going back and forth over dumb shit ctfu..

  • @diamond_princezz70 u the stupid hoe nicki wrote that shipping about bitches like u welfare Neva betta check my bank account I'm a cardio tech. and getting paid for writing music get on my level listen let me eat ur brain for a month real quick tech 9s 45s if u step across the Ave ur getting dealt wit no discriminating I got no picks tick tick tick going boom like a bomb osama bin laden and yes I am a terrorist and I stay treacherous al Pacino the female nino brown owning downtown taking ova the whole world yes I am the brain behind all that's forth coming becoming more than a runner up I am the prize there's no stopping her gracefully her presence is felt bitch that's all u need and its copywriten

  • Don't try to steal my shit either ho @diamond_princezz70

  • Wow!!!

  • Bitch Neva a wanna be always a star even when I was poor I was the shit u the dumb ass ho stalking my pics but I bet ur man would want it he want ur manly looking ass he might like ur pork in his ass. I'm all woman he can't handle a real one so he got u @diamond_princezz70. @kittencatpurrrr this ho not bout it watch I go to b st and she don't do shit

  • @diamond_princezz70 yo ho now u scared all the niggers that u hang wit should beat ur ass and like I said u need a welfare check wit that do rachet I don't get welfare Hon wish I did get some free stamps wanna sell me some how about u go suck ur man off he's waiting for his nightly I know he be disrespectful when he put it all up ur nose and in ur hair ho oh that's y it looks like that shall I keep going bitch the best u got is my big juicy lips that u would pay a mill to have u heard me now when I see u throw ur shit up ho I need to beat a bitch ass so bad disrespectful ass smut

  • Yall need to getalife u Dick eatin wannabee bitches man yall stupid af boii I swear #hoes

  • @diamond_princezz70 u ugly mud face dude of a bitch u still talking shit dirty ho y don't u go swing from black limb and get off my clit u don't deserve my time ho so stop stalking my ig and get a life I been bored with u get it got it good

  • Ha! My car is in that picture!

  • Damn I missed you -_-... @meekmill

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