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His batman jacket is so cute haha
Sunday post haha. Precious Baekho :3
One year has passed already since their debut... I'm so proud of them, of course others may think differently, but for me they were -in 2012- & will always be the best. They're the reason I listen to K-Pop nowadays and I can't live without it now. Well... Happy Birthday, NU'EST! I'm sure 2013 will be a brilliant year for the boys & ㄴㅇㅅㅌs let's stay forever together!
NU'EST for Singles Magazine... Too much hotness to handle #nuest
Sorry, guys!!! I'll be very busy for the rest of this year so i won't be able to post many picsss ): Well... A lot of people must be questioning why NU'EST did such a common concept this time... In an interview they said it's to show a warmer side of them... And in my opinion it worked, if their representative of teenagers didn't make you a ㄴㅇㅅㅌ, maybe with this concept something will change... (:
I'm really getting into BaekMin... When I first saw ㄴㅇㅅㅌ story season 2 the first episode, Baekho and Minhyun were sharing a room and I really enjoyed seeing then together... #nuest
From the Special Edition 'The Moments' in L.A. hehe #nuest
JR posted this photo saying that he managed to fit all members in one photo hahaa~ #nuest
Aron's two last selcas posted... Cute! #nuest #aron
This is the last pic at last and it is for @iamjannah96 here's ur pic!!! G.O is soooo adorableee!!! #mblaq #byunghee
This is for @alvarez_t here's ur pic!!! This is Optimus Prince's thrd pic too... Next round it won't be allowed to request the same person twice, ok?
This is for @filo_chicka here's ur pic!!! Maaaan... He looks good! And I love his tanned skin, I think it gives him more charisma haha... But in reality he's dorky and adorable haha #nuest #JR
This is for @aplelalaa here's ur pic!!! This is Ren's third pic in this round already haaha!!! That's just his popularity I guess hehe #nuest #ren
This is for @suju_lou here's ur pic!!! Angelical voice - Minhyun!!!! In charge of... Nagging & height hahaa #nuest #minhyun
This is for @shining_tears here's your pic!!! This boy is so misunderstood... I know he's pretty but he's more than that, I mean he's got personality, he's funny and talented too... #nuest #ren
This is for @roarandrawr here's ur pic!!! Our L.A. prince!!! So handsomeee #nuest #aron