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I've been trying to capture a lot of different images , themes etc lately. While I'm bikeless , waiting for my triumph to arrive on a ship. It's actually allowed me to explore a few new things and learn more about photography , but also life. Friendships. And my close relationships. I think this image captures those things nicely ! 🐶-- a boy and his dog.
I've spent the last couple of weeks settling in , riding , visiting friends but also spending lots of time researching my business ideas and figuring out my strategy now I'm home. It seems I'll go back to mining / electrical work and buy another house here in west Australia then begin working on putting the business together officially. Looking forward to getting back on the tools after a big holiday .. going to be looking online and applying for jobs this week! Wish me luck. ✌🏻
Crossing the suspension bridge over the Donnelly river , it was built in 2015 while I've been living overseas. It's nice to return home and see how things have changed , what's new and what's no longer there. It's a very remote part of the world , not many people would imagine west Australia to look this way so I'm excited to be able to share it. 😎👍🏻🇦🇺
Usually I'm out taking photos of the same bike as I ride around the country. The last few weeks has been so different. I've gotten to ride , watch meet and experience so many types and classes in a short space of time and enjoy motorcycling as a whole. I love riding and shooting people enjoy their bikes. I met this gentleman from Victoria while he was participating in the #bmwsafari in a small town called #nannup ! It's a cute place in the south of #westaustralia , they were on a big group ride of 100 or so bikes (BMW exclusively) of the south west.
Took the other bike in for a service , got to borrow the #Honda #cb500f for the morning and put it through its paces. I've ridden one before and was underwhelmed by its power. The newest model still doesn't shock me with hp but it no longer feels like riding a sewing machine. I liked the positioning and felt like a comfortable touring bike on a budget. I'd personally like knobby tires on it .. and a few other accessories. But not bad. It's good to be back on an adventure bike , even if only for the day.
The last two weekends were fun. I got to join 70 riders in the rain in busselton riding @stephzillailla 's Honda cmx500 and then last weekend I did the #dgr2017 in Perth with 500 riders on a classic old Enfield !! So much fun meeting everyone. @distinguishedgentlemansride #dgr2017perth
My final ride in Canada , heading west from revelstoke. I weaved my way through all my favourite spots !! Was great to ride along waving goodbye with lots of time to stop and just soak it all in. In a couple of weeks I should be picking up the #dirttriple from the docks in Fremantle !! I can't wait to ride it on Australian roads.
I couldn't fit the entire panoramic in the instagram borders. But here is half of the shot. It's beautiful. Where's your favourite beaches ?? 😮🌅☺️
Falling back in love with my home town. Rediscovering all my favourite old spots. It's going to be a good summer.
The amazing , and beautiful west coast of Australia. Often missed by most tourists. It's thousands of kilometres of untouched , pristine coastline. An amazing place to relax and unwind.
Riding the dirt roads with this 10! .. what a babe. @southwestmotorcycleacademy 😮 .. had fun riding the new #honda #rebelcmx500 , will do a ride report / review coming up soon. Going to edit a little video together too so I can start uploading to YouTube. Hope you like the pics until then!