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  Posted: Aug 19, 2012 4:37 PM FEED
5 Amaro
Gorgeous old #mercedes #300TD estate wagon. I would if I could.
  • j.giff 5y ago

    My brother had one manual awesome cars!

  • They are great cars, @joey_giff . I tend to like the older ones over the new ones.

  • j.giff 5y ago

    Me too they look way cooler I had a 84 300d sedan that was sick but slow

  • Awesome car! Mercedes W123 series, considred by many to the best series MB ever made. Check out the 280 TE, with stick shift. The best one of the series with the LEGENDARY M110 engine. I would if I could too. LOVE that car!

  • One of my faves, too, @sourcedandsold .

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Early morning making of my first cup of coffee with book by @alexstrohl called #AlternativeLiving purchased from the fine folks at @aetherapparel . Good start to the weekend.
Wear and tear on the men’s restroom door. 👍🏻
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