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  Posted: Aug 19, 2012 3:42 PM FEED
2 Hudson
I've never seen an animal so entertained by the most insignificant objects. #lookslikealion #ohteddy #sillycat

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"God shielded her from her own idea of greatness and invited her to know His thoughts instead." This book is incredible. Thanks @sarahagertywrites for your story that started in Toledo with YoungLife that speaks so much to what I'm feeling.
So beyond thankful for the gift of this covenant love.
Oh my sweet Torrie, I knew from that very first fall weekend that you were going to be something different. (Please tell your friends the questions you asked me 😂) But I truly could not have dreamed or imagined you to be as determined, audacious, and dependent solely on Jesus as you are now. My jaw drops every time we talk at seeing more bone deep transformation in your life and it is the biggest gift to my soul to watch you give your life away to other girls. You believe that you're enough and you're not taking any other answer. I cannot wait to see how God blows our minds in your no longer teenaged( 😭😭)years! Happy 20th Birthday my twin. You are extraordinary.
Happy 25th Birthday to my one and only work wife!! I'm so thankful our paths crossed from Toledo to Cincy because I would be completely insane and so bored without you. Let's keep dancing in the hallways and eating cookies and letting the 6th floor haters hate. In a perfect world we will work together forever 💕💕
My truth telling, coke drinking, music finding, soul inspiring, dog snuggling, Love chasing, fearless one that He loves. Way more than 20 years ago He was thinking of you and created you to end up being just like you are today- so faithful and good and a lover of all people. Thanks for being my friend and loving my family so well. I'm still dying that the once 14 year old I met is not a teenager anymore (😭). Here's to 20 more of running this race together!! HAPPY BDAY MADS!
Today mostly sucked. We cancelled our vacation, started off celebrating the life of Brian's grandmother who passed away unexpectedly, I popped a hole in Brian's car tire, etc etc. Lots of tears and emotions on this anniversary of our vows, but it really was just a real picture of marriage. Life isn't always pretty y'all, I'll be the first to admit. Sometimes it means Mexican in your hometown at 10pm instead of your pretty beach pics. I am thankful to be confident in a redemptive God that restores all things and gives us a hope to pursue. One that grows us and pushes us and changes us. And I am also thankful for a friend by my side that the Lord provided to sit next to me and be a presence when I need it most. Year 3 has by FAR been my favorite year of marriage. Please call and ask me why because I could talk your ear off about it. Happy anniversary to us. I LOVE YOU MY BOLOGNA! #follrodfestivities #hesthebest #nobutreally
Reminiscing over our engagement pictures from 4 (!!) years ago and this fall scene is making me drool even more thinking about pumpkin everything 🍂🍁 📸:BFlick Photography
Mandy! Happy Birthday! I'm so thankful for your friendship here and the way that you've cared for Brian and I. I'll never forget realizing we had such similar stories over Noodles & Co a few years ago (spouses name included) and I'm really thankful they've kept going in the same city. ☺️Hope your day was as golden as these pups. 🎉you rock.
Married three years in just one week. By far the best year yet 💕
Happy #nationaldogday to my favorite golden bozos. Our zoo is my favorite place to be. [ Side note--Oliver is twice as big since this pic was taken 😳 ]
Feels way, way, way too dang great to have these buddies in my driveway again.
Low quality pic, high quality date. Also, shoutout to the yellow jackets that attacked us a week ago for the big welt on my arm there 🙃
Coming up on three years living in Cincinnati next month. Life looks almost exactly the opposite of what I would've guessed or hoped it looked like at this point in our time here. Nevertheless, I am deeply grateful for a King whose thoughts are higher than mine and whose ways are perfect and complete. The growth happening day to day is sometimes hard to see but looking at this time as a whole it's impossible to miss the progress in my heart and the beauty that has been produced. I'm continually amazed at how wonderfully challenging and just plain good these years have been, despite my feeling of constant defeats.

I got this tattoo with my best friend in January to represent this long - feels like forever - season of life that most days feels like sorrows.. to remind me of the rich and abiding faithfulness God has promised me in Himself, here.

And Lord, haste the day when the faith shall be sight.
Even so, it is well with my soul.
When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.
I need more of them like I need more buckeyes on my sundaes.
Ever have your 5 years younger, previous YL kid become your dream boat best friend forever?? Still feels like too good to be true. But guys, she really is just that good. It's true. #pizzadeliveryforalexzmolik