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Steamed rice, egg yolk lightly cured in soy, schnitzel and a quick warm salsa made by @ryoriya of garlic, olive oil, chili, herbs and pickles #deliciousness #morgenmad #kærlighed
Spicy miso ramen @slurp_ramen_joint chicken and miso broth, spicy oil with Szechuan pepper, pork belly, charred bean sprouts, pickled and smoked egg and sesame seeds 🍜 🔥 #bontdiscoverscopenhagen
Morning treats by @richardhartbaker brioche toasted and brushed with lemon and amaretto syrup.. sadly didn't get a photo of these ones finished... afterward topped with almonds and gooseberry jam with roasted lavender almonds
Early morning drives, revealing all sorts of autumn magic 🍂 definitely my favorite time of year!
House-made ricotta, lolin anchovies and salsa verde @baestcph standing at the bar, close to the negroni's! #luksuslørdag #bontdiscoverscopenhagen
Warm waffles with coffee and sesame soft ice @somethingfrozencph perfect weekend pick-me-up, and the warm waffles make Autumn ice cream all the more fun 😋 #bontdiscoverscopenhagen
Huevos rancheros and a hibiscus juice - that's a fine way to start a Saturday! Huevos available at @hijadesanchez in Kødbyen only on the weekends... #bontdiscoverscopenhagen #luksuslørdag
Beautiful - this space is so full of energy, inspiration, passion and love. Thank you for having us today @rudolph1970
Pad see ew/ stir-fried flat rice noodles, gai lan and egg with white pepper, sweet soy + oyster sauce.. and a generous spoon of nam pla prik (Thai chili in fish sauce) 🌶 #lunchathome
Ramen/ chicken broth, mushroom shoyu, miso eggplant, grilled onions, soy eggs, sesame and spring onions #staffmeal #nomaunderthebridge #ramen
Dinner for 1 @admiralgade26 dish of the day/ lentils, ramson capers, grilled pumpkin, kale and cabbage with fried egg and kim chi 145kr #bontdiscoverscopenhagen
Condensed milk and almond loaf, fried in butter, with more butter on top... @nadinelevyredzepi #downtimecookbook
Creme caramel for dessert today, and a beautiful moment in the afternoon sun before service #staffmeal #copenhagen #grandmasbowl
When your morning coffee on a Sunday turns into a hazelnut and lingonberry ice cream situation, that is nothing but all kinds of awesome! @alice.cph tak @lorenzanders #tyttebærismyfavoritedanishword #bontdiscoversamager
Pulling these guys out of the cupboard - I will be taking over the @themadfeed #instagramstories today - tune in to see what I'm up to... #instagramtakeover