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First of all, I hope you aren’t sick of mine + @m_g_r_2 faces in your feed. Second- where should we go next... Ireland?!! Third- can the tech industry allow ‘unlimited vacation’ so he can travel w me regularly? not asking for much over here 🤷🏼‍♀️
Lunch break at @wholefoods and trying to figure when basic orange pumpkins went out of style... 🎃
Our first weekend getaway was to Healdsburg and Napa 🍷 Easily one of the best parts was a private tasting + tour of @whiterockvineyards caves from my former bride turned friend, Tara. The small family owned winery has had their gorgeous property since 1800s and it is devastating to hear that the winery has been destroyed by the #northbayfires 😢💔 so on top of making donations, today we are opening some Napa Valley wine and drinking to our favorite place to visit. Also majorly regretting not buying some reserve while at #whiterockwinery 🙏🏼
Feeling so incredibly heartbroken over the fires in the North Bay.... I wish we could rewind 5 days and change whatever possible so that they never happened. And I wouldn’t be upset if I were back in Europe either 🤷🏼‍♀️😇
The Kensington Gardens done up especially gorgeous for Princess Diana... no words for how truly beautiful + peaceful this is. 🌸
Last day in Europe, spending it walking around London!
Had no idea what @m_g_r_2 was talking about in Rome when I took a picture of some street art, turned out to be a @banksy 🤷🏼‍♀️ so got lucky they had an exhibit on his work here in Amsterdam. 🌸
Thought we would have a chill two days in Amsterdam.... ended up walking 40k steps + eating like a pound of cheese 🧀 #amsterdam
The on + off rain, kind people, IG worthy shops, all the flowers, amazing architecture, hearing that the animals at the zoo are the best treated in the world AND freelancers here get the best tax brakes.... I’m pretty sure I’m meant to live in #Amsterdam 🙌🏼 || view from @those_dam_boat_guys
I think I’ve said ‘this is the cutest effing place’ at least 700 times today. Obsessed with Amsterdam is an understatement 🌿
Got a little emotional earlier today... I often feel thankful for my life, the experiences I’ve had + the luxury of working wherever there is WiFi, but today getting to enjoy a few glasses of wine while curled up with my love on a boat tour after hiking 9+ miles through Cinque Terre it really hit me how lucky we are to get to enjoy such a beautiful place + amazing vacation. And if anyone wants to help fund our next trip (which we are already planning), feel free to Venmo 😇 || boat tour by @tiburonboatservices
Darling little juice stop towards the end of today’s hike. Legit the best orange juice 🍊🍋 #flashesofdelight #cinqueterre
Started from the bottom.... 9 miles later at the end of the most beautiful hike! #cinqueterre
Mornings in Monterosso 💕so many pretty flowers hanging from building to building 🌸🌿 #cinqueterre #Monterosso