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  Posted: Aug 19, 2012 12:27 AM FEED
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I never knew that Hong Kong not only has skyscrapers, but also many breathtaking peaks worth trekking! #DiscoverHongKong #agreeTnC #ineverknew
"The Anping Treehouse is a cool fusion of nature and man-made stuctures literally interwined with one another. The Anping Treehouse is a large banyan tree that over the years has literally swallowed an old warehouse that once belonged to Tait & Co Merchant House."
A woman performs jebena buna (Ethiopian coffee ceremony) at Qawa Araba Cafe. Green coffee beans are burned over hot coal, then coarsely ground by hand adding water to be mixed together in the earthen black jar called a jebena. Lastly, it is put on the burning coal until steam rises from the spout. #coffeeporn #alternativebrewing #baristadaily
"En route to Mars, my earthlings," he told us before taking off. Bon voyage ✌️