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kevin 269w ago
@nicole and I on the Oregon coast.

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kevin 3d ago
Yesterday, I joined Troy Young on stage for Hearst’s Master Class, where we talked about how we think about innovation at Instagram, and why we aspire to be a force of good in the world. Thanks for having me, @hearst!
kevin 4d ago
Today @ansel and I went live on @instagram to talk about new features of Live and our commitment to kindness on IG. Check out the video on the @instagram account!
kevin 5d ago
This morning, I attended Vogue’s Forces of Fashion conference, where I joined @marcjacobs and Vogue’s Sally Singer on stage to talk all things fashion and Instagram. Afterwards, I was able to meet a bunch of young fashion enthusiasts to learn how they use Instagram to find inspiration. Scroll through to see more!
kevin 1w ago
Yesterday I joined Richard Pepler and @kristasmith on stage at the @vanityfair New Establishment Summit. Before going on stage I got to spend a few minutes discussing photography with the one and only Annie Leibovitz. I’m grateful for the ability to meet people like Annie who have changed photography forever!
kevin 4w ago
Last weekend was WWIM16. Instameets were created to connect with other Instagrammers in real life. Hundreds of gatherings happened around the globe in places like Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Jakarta, and more. Many people are strangers when they attend for the first time but they come away with new friendships that live on in the app every day. I love this photo captured by @asharinasution in Medan, Indonesia. It captures both the spirit of participants and our theme of spreading kindness.
kevin 4w ago
Last week I rode nearly 800km around Japan. I left the pristine streets of Tokyo, through the dense forests around Shirakawa Mura, to the cultural center of Kyoto. The route was demanding but the views and experiences made it worthwhile. As tired as I was at the end of each day, I stayed up sampling local food, learning more about the villages we were staying in, and connecting with other passionate cyclists. I reached out to @tokyocyclist on IG and he was nice enough to show me around! While I am happy to be back at home with @nicole and @dolly, I am grateful for the experience and friendships built along the way.
kevin 5w ago
Today I rode 100mi in rural Japan through forests and in canyons along rivers. About half way in we turned a corner and saw this! Japan may be one of the most beautiful places on earth—especially when it's pouring rain 🇯🇵
kevin 7w ago
@dolly was so happy this morning when I mentioned it's #nationaldogday 😝
kevin 7w ago
My favorite thing about working at Instagram is the team I get to work with. Tonight, @nicole and I hosted the people who help run Instagram. They're a supremely talented and fun bunch that make the app we all love work! Thanks to them and the rest of the team for all they do to make IG great!
kevin 7w ago
In this month's @wired, there's a great read about what we’re doing at Instagram to keep our community safe and positive, including applying AI to filter negative comments. While building these tools can be technical, the goal is simple – cultivating kindness. Creating a kind community is important because it ensures people are free to express themselves, share authentically and connect with others. The article features interviews with me, and kindness ambassadors Nicky Jackson Colaco and James Mitchell, pictured here, who are leading the charge to make Instagram the kindest community possible.
kevin 8w ago
The silhouette of a monster - @Canyon Aeroad 9.0 disc. Took it out for a spin today and had a blast. Never been on an aero bike before and I'm surprised by how different it feels (fast!). I'm also excited for the disc brakes which will come in handy in SF #fogust summer 😂
kevin 8w ago
I’m happy to share that @nicole and I are expecting a baby girl in January! Some of my favorite moments on Instagram over the years have been following along as my friends and teammates have become parents and share that experience. I can't wait to join in! I am so lucky that I get to be Nicole’s husband and the father of our little girl. 🎉
kevin 10w ago
Today on vacation I met @chrisfroome, the winner of this year's Tour de France, for a training ride. Although I've been cycling quite a bit it was challenging just to keep up on the descents! It was massively fun and I can't thank them enough. Good luck at the @lavueltaaespana guys!

Photo: @cjwurf ✌🏻
kevin 10w ago
Not many rides end looking like this but when they do you take a #bikeportrait 🇫🇷
kevin 10w ago
One year ago we launched Stories on Instagram. Since then over 250 million people use it every day. Our mission is to strengthen relationships and Stories do that for each of these people. Congrats to the team pictured here on launch day one year ago! 🎂
kevin 11w ago
Today we’re announcing that more than 15 million businesses use Instagram to share stories and personalities behind their work. I love the story behind Tsuchiya Kaban. They’ve used Instagram to build a community around their brand. The posts they share stand out to me because of their authenticity, attention to detail, and design. Thank you Tsuchiya Kaban, and businesses owners around the world, for sharing your passions and inspiration with us!
kevin 12w ago
Yesterday morning I hosted a Q&A for some of our inspiring interns. As interns, they work on teams throughout Instagram and Facebook. I had the opportunity to answer their questions around innovation, disrupting your own ideas, and some of the new products we’re building for Instagram. I learn so much every time I meet with the people who work so hard to make Instagram and Facebook great. Thanks for having me!
kevin 13w ago
This week, my friend and teammate Joy-Vincent passed away. It's a tragedy, and I’m a loss for words for how to describe how much I will miss him. He brought a positive and enthusiastic spirit that lifted me and the Instagram family over the years of working together.

JV stood for everything IG stands for. He stood for craft, showing kindness without expectation of gain, and looking at the world through a lens of curiosity. These values are stronger at IG because of him.

He was also one of the most talented designers I’ve ever worked with. His skill influenced our new campus, our logo and our app. He made a lasting impact that will go on for the life of Instagram. I speak for everyone at Instagram when I say, we will miss him dearly.

Original photo by @banjowen
kevin 13w ago
The best part of working at IG are the relationships you build with the people who work around you. I'm inspired by their talents, interests and enthusiasm. We're all about strengthening relationships via IG, so sometimes we do the same in the real world by sharing a meal. Thanks to all the wonderful people who work alongside me - you have become another family over the years.