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@wineguy made a new friend today.

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Another sign of fall! Started picking our Fujis this past weekend.
This morning we woke up to no electricity or cellular service, the outside air thick with smoke. Thankfully, our home seems to be in a safe zone. We're back in LA now, but my heart is with my Napa and Sonoma County friends and neighbors affected by the fires.
We have a generous neighbor that lets us take his quince ❤️.
Charcuterie amazingness from the weekend.
Howell Mountain looking pretty tonight. ✨
Love the coolness in the air the past few mornings. Have a great day!
A good day of friends, food, & wine.
Celebrated Farmers's Market Day in Healdsburg with @healdsburgshed! So glad you could join me @emmakmorris!
It was so beautiful, meandering down these streets at dusk.
First heirlooms from the garden!
Hard getting back to the regular routine. Wish we were still here!