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He wanted to get the Power Ranger mask while we were at we are sitting on the couch waiting for it to dry.
Girls day with this beautiful bride to be! Tried on some wedding dresses! Spoiler alert she said yes to the dress! ❤️
We celebrated my furnewphew’s 1st birthday yesterday! 😊❤️ #puppycake #rescuepup #1stbirthday
I asked him to take a nice picture with me...well I guess these will have to work. 😂 regardless love this man!
Super Buehrle! And yes, she is standing on top of a table. #hero #cape #muttlife #reacuedog #superdog
This is the look I get from Buehrle when she is tired and doesn't understand how it's not bed time yet..😂❤️ #tiredpup #muttsofinstagram #bedtimeyet #etphonehome
Had a blast at ScrewCity with some of my favorites ❤️
My girls and their begging faces ❤️ obviously I had to share a little with them. #husky #rescuepup #muttlife #begging
It's #nationaldogday and the best way to celebrate that is by staying in with these two cuties. ❤️
A little Snapchat selfie fun before the Trailer Park Boys yesterday. ❤️ #roomies
I asked my coworker to save me one donut from his bakery to try. Came in to a box of donuts sitting on my desk. #mondaymade
Got home from yoga and was able to have a little snuggle session with my girls before going in to finish chores! Love them both ❤️
The kind of selfie my husband takes. Haha. Working hard with his dad today. ❤️
I missed national cat day soooo here's a picture of my kitty looking grumpy because she decided to get covered in drywall dust. She was actually quite happy. 😸#nationalcatday #blackcat #fluffycat #beards
Happiest of birthday to my boyfriend or brother in law, Kyle! ❤️ #greenlight #brotherinlaw #autism
Because it's national sister day and gives me an excuse to share this adorable photo of my sisters! Love the three of you! #nationalsisterday #bridesmaids #sisters
My beautiful older sister and I went to a tasting. It was delicious and couldn't have asked for better person to go with me! ❤️ #sisterwinenight
Face masks with my big sister, @meowmcmeower, and dad last night! ❤️
Sox may have lost but we still had a good time ❤️
Ice cream date with my favorite! Walked about 8 miles total to get it but we take out Fitbit challenges serious. #totallyworthit #icecreamdate