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  Posted: Aug 18, 2012 7:12 PM FEED
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dubois 1d ago
freelancer for the day... her first question: “how much do I get paid for this?” #nbcuparents
dubois 2w ago
some world class wisco old-time folk grass in NYC, courtesy @horseshoeshandgrenades
dubois 2w ago
great friends, great city and a patriots loss at the giant razor blade. year 11 of the annual nfl stadium jaunt. #deflated
dubois 3w ago
oldest sports bar in america
dubois 3w ago
leadership spotlight, @nbcnews edition, live from the brand new @megyntoday studio. #workatnbcu
dubois 3w ago
when I moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, taxis didn’t go there, uber didn’t exist in nyc, that annoying “girls” show on hbo hadn’t invaded the area and the polish meat markets were the stuff of legend. lot of life changes, lot of changes to the ‘hood (some good, some bad) and a lot of great memories later, saying goodbye today to the longest place I’ve called “home” since the house I grew up in. #movingday #brooklyn