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The sun shines,
the stars illuminate the night sky,
but you are the light within me
Each time we embrace,
I never want to lose my envelopment of you
I had thought love was lost in me
But you have shown me the way back
It is through your heart that I see illumination
It is through your very being
that I have found,
what I thought was lost forever
And for that,
I will love you with my entire being
until the end of all time

#poem #poetry #writersofinstagram #writing #writer #love #spilledink #thereisadarknessinthelight
If I could take your pain,
carry it in my own soul
so you wouldn't have to,
I would
But just know,
I will always be there
and if I'm ever too far away,
just think of me there with you
and I'll be holding onto you
because I've never let go
since the night we first embraced
I'll love you through these sad times
until the happiness is back in your eyes
and then I'll continue to love you
until I become dust
and even then,
I'll continue to love you
because my heart knows nothing of time
and my adoration for you,
is infinite

#poem #poetry #writersofinstagram #writer #writing #love #loss #thereisadarknessinthelight
Blue hue over anxious green eyes
I'll never strive for perfection
because even your flaws show beauty
You make me feel lost,
in a world I never want to find my way out of
Through mazes,
I want to explore them all
You move in ways that move my heart
Unique flutters make for new life
Fresh air into tired lungs
Happiness within reach,
filling the emptiness inside of me

#poem #poetry #writersofinstagram #writing #writer #spilledink #thereisadarknessinthelight
Step-by-step instructions
Easy to follow,
hard to execute
Instead of extra,
I'm left with too few parts
I'll fuck this up again
It all falls apart in the end
And I'll never get it right,
until I find the parts to make me whole
#poem #poetry #writersofinstagram #writing #writer #thereisadarknessinthelight
I love that it's November and I can sit outside, at lunch, without a jacket on.

I'm sure I'll take that back, come summertime
#virginia #va #warehouselife #lunch #selfie #gpoy #plaid
I dreamt of you in so many colours
I thought of you recurrently,
my heart fluttering in waves
My girl set in smiles and rainbows
And as I go further away,
you're somehow closer
I'm not sure where we go from here
But all I know is...
I want to fall in love with you,
all over again,
for the first time

#poem #poetry #writersofinstagram #writing #writer #dreams #love #colour #thereisadarknessinthelight
Art credit: Jean-Francois Painchaud
Earlier today with my nephews, niece, and sister-in-law. Awesome afternoon out. I love every second I get to spend with these kids #family #nephew #niece #selfie #gpoy #allsmiles
The soundtrack to "AHS: Hotel" is on point. This could be one of the greatest soundtracks to any TV show (or film, for that matter)

#music #ahs #season5 #hotel #americanhorrorstory #soundtrack #petermurphy #bauhaus #shewantsrevenge
I don't like to sugar-coat anything. Life has been a struggle for a long time for me. I may laugh a lot, crack jokes, act silly because that is just me and I will always be me. But internally, a lot of my days are a contest of if I want to even bother to keep doing this. I want to be alive, I want to be here on this Earth and I have no plans on checking out anytime soon, but still...there's a conflict.
Besides some really nice messages/texts/and a great phone call from my Cousin, this day was another flaming pile of shit. Then I come home to a gift that my dear friend in San Diego made for me. Then she tells me it was a combined effort from another dear friend who now lives in Virginia. I happened to put them in a group text one night to both tell them something quickly without thinking that these two people would down the line, get together and create this for me. So, a blanket. Nothing crazy, right? But it is a blanket filled with a montage of memories. It contains my two favourite humans and my two favourite K-9's. I came home, honestly feeling closer to darkness and something as simple as a blanket, my day, my week, my month, the past few years hurt a lot less. This is the greatest physical gift I have ever received.

Thank you Marie, thank you Mo (and Bruce) because I can actually say that this was a "Happy" Birthday. 37 years and with friends like these, I'll be here for 37 more ❤️ #birthday #thoughts #friends #love
Ransack The Universe Hemisphere IPA from Collective Arts Brewing is a straight grapefruit bomb. By far, the best IPA I've found here while on a #workation in the Great White North #craftbeer #beer #canada #hotellife
Almost half-way through
according to national statistics
So much done,
so much more yet to do
I may not get to it all,
but I'm trying
Trying to make the most out of each moment
Trying to have adventure in my soul
This road is lonely at times,
but I have the sun to warm me
I have the moon to guide me at night
Maybe I am half-way there
Maybe not
But the adventure must always continue
#poem #poetry #writersofinstagram #writer #writing #life #death #adventure #thereisadarknessinthelight
Thanks to @jaggerfsp for indirectly letting me know this variation of one of my favourite beers exists and thanks to my West Coast BFF @ohmymischief for finding and sending this to me. Also a shoutout to the company I work for, as they gave us an extra day off and now I can enjoy this on a breezy, cool afternoon #craftbeer #beer #westcoast #ballastpoint #staycation