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I usually have pretty good ideas after not feeling well. Started feeling better today. Had a good idea. #SoutheasternFlair
On November 4th at Ned’s in Tahlequah, I will be chillin’ with some fellow ink slingers. I’ll have prints & a few originals for sale 😋
10/6 #inktober
This piece is the first in a series of “Native American Traditional” tattoo designs. The series will be called, “Instead of Getting Syllabary on Your Neck..”
Continue to fight. Fight for each other. Fight for what’s right. Fight for fairness. Fight for your communities. Fight for your culture.. your LANGUAGE. Fight for ACCURATE REPRESENTATION. Fight against ignorance.
That’s how you got to where you are. You fought. You fought through your worst days. You fought through your fears. And after you defeated each foe, you wiped the blood from your face & asked, “ᎦᎪ ᏐᎢ.. Who’s next?”
"My Great Great Grandma Was a Coachella Princess"
I hope this isn't offensive. I'm just trying to honor my possible, non-specific, European heritage by using only stereotypes & sexualizing women with white features.
"Speak softly & carry a big stick." Detail from new painting.