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My best friend Clay's new baby girl Veda Blaire.

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After five years, she still greases my gears.
It’s frustrating for a trainer when the client doesn’t have the drive to succeed.
Samuel approves of these Cherry-Drizzled Pork Chops from @hellofresh!
Dinner planning is a lot less stressful when everything you need for a
delicious meal is sent right to your door. These recipes never disappoint!
Give them a try at and use code: SeanLowe30 for $30 off! #getcooking #hellofreshpartner #hellofreshpics
There’s always that one guy in class that distracts you from doing your work.
We took this picture when we launched our furniture line back in April. I especially like Samuel’s perfectly spherical head. I don’t always post about our company because I know you guys don’t want to be inundated with ads but I wanted to say thank you for helping us grow faster than we ever dreamed possible. Wayfair says we’re one of the top 10 most searched upholstery brands on their site, which we take as a giant compliment since they have tons of great brands. Anyway, we’ve got a bunch of new stuff and Wayfair just launched a huge sale on all of it, so click the link in my profile if you want to take a look. Thanks everyone!
#ad @catherinegiudici and I love this full-flavored Braised Chicken with Linguine recipe featuring the new @Bertolli_US Rustic Cut Roasted Garlic Marinara with Garden Vegetables Pasta Sauce. What’s so great about it? The new Rustic Cut line is jam-packed with crisp veggies and fragrant herbs – they don’t need any doctoring, which is great for busy parents like us! Follow the link in my bio for the recipe to try yourself. 👍 #ReachforRustic #🍝 #TasteOfTuscany #TuscanWay #pasta
What did I do to deserve this life of mine? I'm hoping no one investigates that question because they'd probably get taken away from me.
I don't even care that he left me no room in bed. I'm so thankful for my sweet little family and my heart breaks for all those families affected by the Vegas tragedy. I'm always drawn to James 4:14 which reminds us that our time spent on Earth is just a vapor compared to eternity. The story is written and evil doesn't win. Love you guys.
We're in Philly to celebrate this handsome guy's grand opening of his Orange Theory tomorrow. If you're around, come say hi to us. We'll be there from noon-five. 131 S. State Rd. Springfield, PA
This is for those of you who like cute baby stuff. Thanks to my sister for watching this animal for us this weekend.
If this picture doesn't sum up my life perfectly, then I don't know what does. Life has changed for me and my beautiful bride quite a bit since first getting engaged on The Bachelor almost five years ago. But you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way. Now that Samuel is running around the house and getting into absolutely everything, watching him has become an all-day workout. We recently partnered with @sleepnumber because Catherine and I have both realized it is almost impossible to keep up with a one year old without being well rested. Our Sleep Number bed has been a game changer! #ad
The usual over here at the Lowe house.
It's Friday, line em up! I'm not exaggerating, he made it to box four before needing a breather, but then he pushed through the pain and finished like a champion.