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First of many more years of pickin’ pumpkins // I love life with my husband, truly. Especially when he surprises me with a little day trip to the pumpkin patch.
When I was 12, the good Lord laid it on my heart to pray for Tom Petty (+ Britney Spears) every single day for the rest of my life. Now, it was not in a southern “bless his heart” type of way due to pity. I legitimately knew that this man, Mr. Petty, was handcrafted by God for mighty things. I mean, think about that. The Creator of the universe loved Tom Petty so much that He asked me, a little 12 year old girl, to dedicate part of my life to praying for him every day. On top of that, my daddy introduced me to his music at an even younger age. So, even though I, unfortunately, never met Tom Petty, I felt that I knew him. // Tom Petty, thank you for using your gifts + talents to inspire, challenge, + bless my life. I promise to always dance to “Wildflowers” with my daddy. // #tompetty
Yesterday, James left for Florida to help with some disaster relief. I have never felt more bored (no... really... I have resorted to large print crossword puzzles from Dollar Tree) + selfish in my entire life. So proud of him for doing the good Lord's work... but I want him with me 24/7. // #bueridge #mountains
Ready for sweater weather with my little babes. // Gunther + Magnolia.
Nothing gets better than the mountains. // Especially when you get to live here with your hot husband, surrounded by your crazy family + furry friends. Must be dreamin'. #asheville #mountains #blueridge
Something the good Lord has been reminding me this week: He does not tolerate me. // Same goes for you, sweet souls. You are immensely treasured + loved.
Every morning, I read the news. While doing so a few minutes ago, I read that Oaxaca, MX. (where we went on our honeymoon less than a month ago) endured a massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake last night. My heart. So much pain + hurt in the world. // Pain is the soil where the deepest faith in the good Lord grows. Pain is the context for maturing our love for God, which overflows onto others. As offensive as that seems from the vantage point of fear, it squares with the logic of faith. Even when tragedies happen, God can still be trusted; He is faithful. He has gifted us many gifts as we entrust ourselves to Him in our pain + empathy for others. Perhaps the 3 most visible gifts are joy, others, + God Himself. As the Roman poet, Ovid, once said: "Endure and persist... this too shall turn to good by and by." #oaxaca #mexico
Get to kiss this hot face for the rest of my life. // Love you, babe.
Such a dream - from Taco Bus Cruz Linares, seein' treasured family/friends, hearin' my goats baaa in the background throughout, being blessed by so many willing/selfless hands, seein' my hot babe cry as I walked down the aisle, dancin' to Tom Petty with my daddy, donut walls, cards galore, sunny weather, kisses from my mama, havin' my amazing brother-in-love tell everyone about Jesus, Addair keepin' me sane (no... really...), +, most importantly, sayin' "yes" to my forever home, James. // God is good, redemptive, faithful, kind, + real. #sackettjawea Photo: @jesse.shoffstall
You make everyone feel valued + immensely loved. I pray that, that will always be out of an overflow of your own revelation of how Jesus sees you. You change the world (especially with your sassy/gangsta' ways). // Happiest of birthdays.
Hierve El Agua - a petrified waterfall - one of the most magical places on earth // Take me back to explore this beautiful land with my lover. #oaxaca #hierveelagua
Honeymoonin' with my hot husband. // Immensely blessed.
One week until I get to marry this man. // Holler. #sackettjawea
So blessed. So loved. So thankful. These are my girls - my sisters (minus 2). They edify, uplift, and believe in me like no other. Every time I am in their presence, I leave a little closer to Jesus. Thank you for such a sweet, relaxing time in the beautiful North Carolina mountains. // Best Bachelorette, ever. #sackettjawea
Happy 4th from my little babe, Gunther! // Freedom is sweet. #july4th
Crappy (+ annoying because of my gross asthma like breathing) video of our future home in progress. // 45 days until we embark on a new journey as husband and wife. So excited + honored, babe.
Yesterday, James said, "Be ready at 3:00p. That's all you need to know." I have prided myself in always figuring out surprises (Thanks to COPS, Law & Order: SVU, and every other criminal show), and I was absolutely convinced that we were going on a hike at Max Patch. However, a 2.5 hour drive and several bags of candy later, we arrived at this abandoned building in Knoxville, TN. I was beyond confused, until he said, "Last year, after playing a show here, I asked if you wanted to be intentional friends. The Lord had spoken to me about you, and this is where it took place. This is where it all started." After we looked around a bit, we drove to a hole-in-the-wall taco shop (which is our thing - tacos). Just 1 hour in the city, and we headed back home. I say all of this to say: do not settle. Get you a man (or woman) that "kidnaps" you for a few hours to explore and just... be. Do not let busyness/routine/etc. breed complacency. In the end, we will all wish we spent more time with our loved ones. The dishes, laundry, papers (sometimes), etc. can wait. Now, go be cute and make memories. // Thank you for treating me like a real MVP (most valuable princess), babe. May we never forget where it all started.
James Joseph Harris Sackett. The absolute love of my life. // You are the most patient, kind, and selfless person I have ever known. You constantly bend over backwards to make sure I am comfortable, warm, full, safe, content, etc. You are everything I am not - my perfect balance. Thank you for being a tangible representation of the good Lord's love. You are my entire heart.
Gunther and Magnolia are almost a year old, and my heart already wants to weep. While I may seem like a crazy animal person to some, these babes (along with my other goats, ducks, chickens, cats, & dogs) are a tangible representation of the good Lord's unconditional love. Now, don't think I'm saying that an animal's love matches that of Jesus'. However, He really does reveal parts of Himself through these fluffy butts that I otherwise would have never known. // So thankful for my babies. #farm
James, darkness is not so comforting anymore because you are the early morning sunlight that shines through the trees. The good Lord has used you to add confetti, glitter, & sparkle to my life. I think of you between every second - whatever those intervals are called. I am so honored that I get to look at your sweet face for the rest of my life. I love you. // Happy one year, babe!