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  Posted: Aug 18, 2012 11:17 AM FEED
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Selecting a rice cooker isn’t as simple as I thought it would be! There was a whole list of rice cookers on the side. Only some were on display. #japan #tokyo #travel #biccamera #shinjuku Any recommendations?
Toto toilet in Japan 😛😛 + ours have heated seats (need to figure out how to off the seat heating function - might end up with roasted bums) #japan #tokyo #visitjapan #visitjapanau #visittokyo #toilet #japanesetoilet #toto #japanlife
This place frequented by locals after work and very busy on a Friday night. Has a mix of modern seating (which we opted for) as well as traditional seating (need to try). No one speaks English here - thankfully they had a menu in English on a tablet and you need to order directly from the tablet. They were kind enough to give me a fork (they only had tiny ones) given that I can’t eat with chopsticks. Fresh seafood. Awesome meal ❤️🙏 #japan #japantravel #tokyo #shinjuku
Japanese vending machines ❤️ need to try one! #japan #japantravel #tokyo
Landed in Japan yesterday and experienced my first #earthquake within a matter of hours (just as I was about to hit bed around midnight). The whole apartment was shaking like a cardboard box... the tv.... the coffee table. The husband had just gone to the toilet and he had an altogether different (and scary) experience too. Imagine sitting on the toilet and the earthquake starts! So so freaked out! But SAFE (thanks to everyone who called, messaged, checked on us- highly appreciate it😊) Business as usual as I observe people going about their daily routines. Overall interesting start to the holiday! #japan #japantravel #tokyo #japanearthquake #tokyoearthquake
Surprise dessert in the hotel room last night (by the hotel staff) #midautumnfestival is this the #mooncake? #soyummy
Lavender for me (and lemongrass for the husband) 😴😴