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You know it's October 1st when I stop celebrating my birthday!! Hugs and kisses to all my love ones who made September all about me. 😘😘😘😘😘😘 #toinfinityandbeyond
mimidci 14w ago
When I found out I was pregnant I couldn't believe it. On her first birthday I was amazed that it had already been a year. When she turned 13 I was shocked that I was the mother of a teenager. Then 16 came and now she's 17. Approaching her last year of high school, and having many conversations, doing lots of research for college. She just keeps growing up, and I keep trying to let go but that's so hard. She's forever my baby, we're forever learning, and growing together. #motherdaughter
mimidci 17w ago
#throwbackthursday What was happening with my hair in this picture? I remember it being so thick that I couldn't do anything with it, but what's up with the different levels 🤣😂 this is just too much. I had to share so enjoy.
mimidci 19w ago
Her bday is around the corner!!!!