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  Posted: Aug 18, 2012 1:38 AM FEED
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Posted: Oct 21, 2017 3:32 PM
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Hug your dog. So much can change so fast. Difference of 4 months. Dogs don’t deserve to get cancer 😥
Pictures and video don’t do it justice. But some more progress made on my 3/4 sleeve. Hopefully just one session to go. @ronniethomas89 kicking ass with it #tattoos #blackandgreytattoo #sleevetattoo
Posted: Oct 7, 2017 11:31 PM
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Before I had too much tequila at #TacoFest 😝✌🏻
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 1:54 PM
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I’m stupidly excited about my new plates that combines two things I love: #Hawkeyes and #Fallout 🖤 #NukaCola #IowaHawkeyes
Posted: Oct 2, 2017 1:17 PM
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Stop making these cowards famous. How many killers reveal that they looked up to other killers that were heavily covered by the media? Too many. Stop talking about them, stop posting their faces all over the place, stop dissecting their lives in the 24-hour news media. The only names and life stories that should be put out there are the heroes and victims that were there. #ForLasVegas❤️
Posted: Sep 25, 2017 12:21 AM
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Made seared scallops, spicy shrimp, and zucchini noodles in vodka sauce. Soooo good 🤤 #FoodOfInstagram #NoFilterNeeded
Posted: Sep 11, 2017 11:23 PM
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I really look forward to my #StitchFix every month. My stylist has been nailing my personal style. Got this purple jacket faux suede jacket, blue velvet floral top, and distressed black jeans today. Try Stitch Fix - it's a $20 styling fee which is applied to anything you decide to keep
Can we just take a moment to really appreciate what @ronniethomas89 does to my arm 😍 can't wait for more later this month!
Posted: Aug 22, 2017 12:52 AM
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Too many things have been all for nothing.
Posted: Aug 16, 2017 3:26 AM
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Couldn't have said it better myself (📸Des Moines)
Lots of #IowaStateFair goers choosing DART to get to and from the state fair 🚌🎟
Posted: Aug 9, 2017 4:29 AM
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The day you stop settling for less is the day you start living.
I'm dying 😂😂😂. If you watch Game of Thrones, you need to go to to read episode recaps after each episode. They're amazing
My new favorite meal to make - quinoa, lentils, brown rice, kale, pepitas, tomato, chopped walnuts, and feta. It's good hot or cold!