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colerise 269w ago
shot an instagram-themed wedding with @kimathomas using only iPhones! so much fun! (50mm 1.2 + iPhone)

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totality from the smoky mountains. currently riding shotgun with a blanket over my head, merging multiple exposures into an HDR... improperly, but digging what it did to the moon! more soon.
sometimes it's worth destroying a tripod with salt water.
even the lifeguard couldn't resist a little fun. check my story to see how this was made! #livefunner @visitjamaica
swinging with the breeze on a private beach, with the goats and water buffalo. down a ways, you can find the cliff where Steve McQueen escaped in Papillon. not a bad way to spend the afternoon. #livefunner @visitjamaica
end of the road at the most western point of jamaica, taken with rum in hand. @visitjamaica #feelthevibejamaica
somewhere between dusk + evening. experimenting with space in a more involved edit - check my story to see how this was made. @visitjamaica #feelthevibejamaica
captain's log: made it to jamaica, a welcome break after minor ship trouble and the chaos of the spaceports. the locals here are as warm as the water - their dialect includes a phrase "yah mahn," which roughly translates to "yes, man." crew spirits are high. there's enough food to sustain us for years. sending out a team to investigate the planet's surface. april the 10th, 2017. #captainslog #feelthevibejamaica @visitjamaica
early morning in petra, jordan. bedouin for scale.
puddles and long exposures make even the most touristy spots look a little less touristy. wish you could've heard and felt the evening bells.
Diving back into a space kind of mode for 2017, working on some fun projects i'll be sharing here. Step one: for those who've been asking, a limited number of prints are finally available - check the link in the profile. More soon <3.
from a massive brush fire in california, with planes swooping through the valleys and smoke, while falling embers burned holes in our sleeves. i'm lately reminded of the hundreds of fire fighters that swarmed the area from every corner, returning to their hotels blackened by soot after a long day of risking their lives, just to wake, and do it all over again the next - knowing how important it was to stand together and run bravely toward danger to prevent the world from burning. let's be them.
once upon a midnight dreary. ring light in a dark room on a dark wall, with a dark purpose. happy halloween. 🎃
ufos are real! another from the @budweiser shoot i worked on. the light hitting the top of the grass was awesome - just a bit further down the hill from the previous shot. gotta come back here more! #beammeup #thisbudsforyou
head in the grass, watching the world spin. here’s a composite from the shoot worked on for @budweiser, in the foothills of the rockies. took a long exposure three hours later to blend the sky into night. #space #thisbudsforyou
view from the office. hanging in the colorado rockies, shooting a campaign for @budweiser, so it was basically hiking and beer all weekend, searching for photos or a sasquatch to arm wrestle. #merica #thisbudsforyou (but mostly me)
Furka Pass, Switzerland, shot with an #iPhone7Plus. crayyyy. On a short break before heading to the Colorado rockies for another photoshoot. More mountains coming soon!
just switzerland things, on a back road used to film a james bond car chase. #holysmokes #🇨🇭 #litely