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vyauu 2d ago
Thanks to these girls for a Markham reunion by showing me around their second home ... even on a Monday 🇭🇰❤️🇨🇦
vyauu 3d ago
Thank you Taipei for the incredib(ly rainy) 48 hours. Despite the torrential downpour, thanks for allowing me to eat all my fave foods again & more. Now onto the next ! TPE ➡️HKG
vyauu 1w ago
Friendsgiving 2017 broke our ~7 year traditional turkey potluck to bring you an entire roast pig & a DIY kamayan ! 🍽 shoutout to @jennniehuang, @jefftongg & @jontruong12 for all the meal prep !
vyauu 2w ago
Successful Surprise Fiesta for @jefftongg ✌🏼Complete with a Doritos taco bar, piñata and corona cake. {Special shout out to @serenewongg and @j_chn for cutting tomatoes and lettuce with me till midnight the night before ; @jennniehuang for luring him out of his own home so we can get in to set up ; all our friends who got tricked to come and help put up the cactus balloons, streamer backdrop, stuff the piñata and help make the spread. Couldn't have done it without everyone's help 💕 }
vyauu 3w ago
Can you believe this is @jefftongg's 10th birthday that we've celebrated together!?!?!?!?! This calls for a throwback from September 2008 - happy quarter century to this dude 💕
vyauu 4w ago
When you tell them you're slytherincredible but they just laugh. #avadakedavra ⚡️⚡️⚡️ I can always count on @hilaryburt to make crafts with me, ESPECIALLY Harry Potter themed DIYs
vyauu 4w ago
Happiest of early birthdays to @cj.noms and @imjonho ! Thanks for letting me be a part of your ✨magical✨ celebrations !
vyauu 6w ago
Thank you friends for team working to win me THREE kitties (special shout out to @beeevice for his 🏀 skillz) 💕🎀😍... also pretty sure @jennniehuang only won cause she cheated
vyauu 7w ago
Surprise engagement party for @wilsontieu and Carmen. 💕💍 Complete with 26 pizzas, #craftyyau and @hbcreate DIYs and a banner fit for The Office fan 💕love you guys lotssss 💕 ( special thanks to @1291people for all the party planning ! )
vyauu 8w ago
Blueberry picking with the fam ☀️ [PSA: the large berries are more tart while the little ones are the sweetest. Make sure you ask them which type is best (and in season) based on what you prefer!]
vyauu 14w ago
Us before and after all the pokes this trip. #CLAIStravel
vyauu 15w ago
Pro tip: travel with friends who not only support your eating habits but enjoy eating with you 💕 (since insta only allows 10 pics per post...)
1. @innout
2. @mainlandpokeshop
3. Marugame Monzo Udon
4. @workaholic_usa at the @626nightmarket
5. @barninela
6. @sushistopofficial
7. Kang ho dong baekjeong
8. Girls night in with @traderjoes meat, cheese and wine
9. @sweetfin
10. Sticky Rice @ the grand central market