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  Posted: Aug 17, 2012 1:32 PM FEED
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Amazing jewelry, dress, and eye makeup from Jessica!

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Nothing has ever made this world so magnificent as watching you experience it.
Just hanging out at home writing a book this afternoon ☺
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry this trail is now up in flames, that the Columbia River Gorge is forever altered because of the actions of some foolish people. After seeing the crowds at Multnomah Falls, we felt like we found a magical waterfall away from the rest of the world after just a short hike in. It was so peaceful; it was hard to leave. How I wish now we lingered even longer, as we won’t be able to see it like this again in our lifetime.

I’m sorry you’ll have to deal with this chaotic mess of a human world. You’ll see more devastating storms, more uncontrollable wildfires, and scorching temperatures. You’ll witness more and more scientists pleading with us to understand, to make changes, to fund more research and ideas to help our planet. You’ll also notice politicians who disregard those scientists being bought by corporations and industries who care only for profit.

I’m sorry you’ll suffer from the sins of your fathers and theirs, for no reasons other than the ignorance and greed of our species.
Please don't ever stop appreciating the ordinary, minuscule, wondrous details that make our lives so rich.
The last two years have truly enhanced my appreciation for my country's lands. I've gone from sea to shining sea and the forgotten spaces in between--towns that are so small they don't even have population signs. How amazing it is to see the rural farmlands change to the largest metropolitan areas and wonder about those who live there and how much they rely on those seemingly distant farmers. How enlightening it is to watch the topography change before your eyes as forests transform to deserts; and then to see the ancient writing on boulders created by our nation's first men and women, who, like us, stared up in wonder at the sky above. From the majestic cliffs of Acadia National Park, to the bountiful farmlands of the Midwest, to the friendly beach towns dotting the Pacific is abundant and overwhelming. I'll never take it for granted.
Happy Eclipse day! We are wiped but it was so worth it 👌🏽❤️✌🏻
Well, Emery finally got her wish 😻 say hello to Link!
Posted: Aug 12, 2017 7:34 PM
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Throwback to 2 years ago when 5 year old Emery wanted to help with the remodel process 😄
Imagine if you never left home--
All the things you'd never see.
If we aren't fb friends, you missed these lovely photos taken by @soliphotography for @thecandlelightforest at @cloudland_station a couple months back. I love how amazing these turned out!!! Meghan is so gifted at capturing the spirit of the families she photographs--I know I will treasure these forever. (There are a bunch more on my fb ☺️)
Posted: Jul 30, 2017 11:03 PM
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So 2 yrs ago we bought this 5th wheel. It's taken us all over the place, and some truly incredible views have been just outside the windows. As we wind down and find a new place to "settle down", I can't help but feel a twinge of sadness. I'll miss this tiny house, but I know the Veltkamper will be waiting outside our door to lead us to more adventures for many years to come, and I'll forever cherish the countless memories we've made within in its walls.
Did y'all know Canada looked like this? Because I sure didn't!
"If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it."
Well, Maine was incredible. Today we head into Canada, our first foreign country visit with the kids.
For the last two weeks we traveled through New England with two of our favorite people on earth. With our combined 6 children (all under 8 years old) in tow, getting comments about "our hands being full" nearly everywhere we went, we hiked, biked, paddleboarded, swam, and climbed a mountain. We lost track of time and stayed up way too late. Having kids never stopped us; it only made life richer. We embraced the beautiful mess that is parenting and it was all worth it. A lot of people might be intimidated by off grid travel with such a large group...and I'm ready to plan the next trip. Thanks for yet another perfect summer vacation, @ericscottjohnson and @teresarosejohnson.
I love seeing all these kids back together 😊here Em and Bax are painting a robot they made.
Yesterday while we were hiking to this little waterfall I had one of those moments--you know the ones. It's that feeling you get when everything is perfect and you wouldn't change a single thing, when gratitude takes over your whole being and you can't believe this is your life. That you get to run on this earth and breathe this air and see the sun peeking through the leaves through teary eyes and wonder at the multitude of life around you--it's a miracle. How fortunate, how lucky are we to witness the magic of reality. Every sensation and feeling running through my mind overwhelmed me and left me breathless and tingly, absolutely high on simply living. When you take a moment to simply be, to stop and realize the beauty all around you, especially in the company of those closest to you, you are transformed, elevated.
In a few days we get to meet up and caravan New England with some of our favorite people on Earth. I can't wait to see all of our kids playing together, or for the board games, the drinks, the hikes, and the real talks by the campfire. Here's a pic from our adventure together last summer in Oregon, wading through freezing waters to get to a beautiful waterfall. 😊