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  Posted: Aug 17, 2012 12:36 PM FEED
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Can't believe I'm nearly at 600.000 followers that's amazing !! you guys have been amazing and your photos and comments inspire me every day lets do some more cool stuff joxx:)
  • also dyslectic :D

  • You are a dear sweet funny talented man! Thanks for shining your light & inspiring US!!! 😄

  • U'r the best. My biggest inspo  Love ya Xxxxxx

  • Passed you're BTEC cooking you're an inspiration 😄

  • Yeeaaaaahhh 😍😍😍😍😍

  • @jamieoliver let's make it a million!

  • @jamieblairbennett what are you talking about ? J

  • We love u @jamieoliver been watching u since before the naked chef !!!

  • @jamieoliver Are you watch our comments ?

  • @jamieoliver sorry Jamie - woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning - love your work!

  • live with the delicious Jamie Oliver😁

  • @jamieoliver you are coll чел , уважуха , Бро 😁😃

  • I'm starting to think that dyslexia is a feature that accompanies the genius

  • 👍👍

  • @jamieoliver I have 41 people following me on instagram 42 would be better :)

  • erynn 5y ago

    Right back at ya Jamie!!! 💛😊 👏👏👏

  • One more..(trommelgeroffel)

  • I love tou

  • You!!! 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

  • You look like strawberry

  • Babyboy

  • Keep growing jamie!!!! Love all away from malaysia ;-)

  • Ur the best!!! My granny bumped into u at sainsbrys and u took a pic with her

  • Jamie I love your show. Keep up the good work.

  • ❤❤❤

  • Love The way you keep it all 'REAL'

  • Love your work Jamie xx

  • Been in your new store yesterday and today I love having it in the hood spruced up the corner of NHG! When will you be there? I am planning my ain't class coffee morning there on the 14th of September come and say Hi loads of neighborhood moms!!

  • 

  • 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉

  • @susanmaher I went there yesterday also , realy easy to find the store and the staff were lovely

  • Love your pictures and the way you share your life. Hi from Canada!

  • maghsz 5y ago


  • We love you Jamie

  • hoiyo 5y ago

    ✌✌✌✌wow, fans around the world !!

  • Love you and your work!Come to Croatia,we are waiting ;)

  • You're a amazing guy!!

  • it!! :)

  • You're so amazing and inspiring and I always look forward to your pics!!

  • 600K you're a popular man!

  • @jamieoliver open a restaurant in Lisbon..

  • You're very cool!realy! My dad lake u too:-)

  • No, open it in Brazil!!

  • U rock man. TODAY I give my family a good life because of you.

  • Love you and your work have risen to an incredible challenge to change the way our country eats. Brave vision :)

  • Open it in Chile! :)

  • You are The best. Open it in Brazil!!!!

  • Thank YOU Jamie! You inspire us on a daily basis to cook proper meals for ourselves and our children. Because of you, Jamie, I got intrested in cooking a moment before my first kid was born and nowadays my five year old is such a experimental cook - always planning what to cook or bake and never, I mean never she has demanded to do burgers or pizzas!!! I'm so proud of her and I really owe you a HUGE thanks J <3

  • 600,000 congrats

  • The most loved "Geek" on the planet

  • 🍀🍀🍀

  • I put a business plan in 7 years ago to open a 15 in Buenos Aires (ok it needed a bit of work... but the idea was there) ;-)

  • Dyslexic people of the world UNTIE!

  • Coolest pics Jamie!

  • u r the best

  • You're our favorite chef!

  • Where can i find the recipes from "Jamies 30 minutes meals" ?

  • 600k !!!

  • You are the best Jamie!

  • Done the foodrev, what else have ya got goin?

  • I gave your pollack & salmon fishcakes to my fussy toddler. She loved them! Thank you :-)

  • U r simple,,, Food passion is ur talent

  • Definitely

  • Youre Always inspiring my cooking! Greetings from Austria!

  • U are the best Jamie ! Greetings from Hong Kong ~~~

  • We love you so much, Jamie!!

  • I see 600k :-)

  • My love @jamieoliver you are my muse, and we love you!

  • From Pittsburgh ,Pa. A BIG hi from a fan from way back. You are an amazing person and chef.I have all of cookbooks and buy your magazine. :)

  • @jamieoliver BIG LOVE from the Philippines!!! Hope you can come here and indulge us with your talent! Keep it up 👍

  • @jamieoliver huge fan and l have been for years.l got an f in food tech at school I thought me and cooking didn't go together till l saw your cookery programme the naked chef and that was it l was hooked on thank you ❤👍👏👏

  • axlif 5y ago

    Heading out for dinner at Italian in parkstreet :)

  • Sonething Cool???? Just say hello to me and I'll be soooooo happy! Jajajajaja

  • @jamieoliver now even closer!... 599K 👏👍👏👍👏👍👏👍

  • 

  • Genius.

  • Well done 👍👍

  • Luvly jubly

  • 600k now!

  • You are incredible @jamieoliver ! It's you that inspired us!! I love and respect so much your work!

  • All your different shows I watch and love them. Love the way you consider food mainly healthy and delicious. Its amazing because you have a great audiciende in Ecuador, South America through Fox Life. I'm from Guayaquil, Ecuador. You should come and visita us and try our food! You are welcome at any time! 😃

  • There's some buzz about you opening a English pub in mid Sept in Montreal Canada ... I'll be there checking that out .. Looking forward to it

  • Sorry my spelling ... I wrote too fast the message 😜

  • Your the best and now it has hit 600000❗❗congrates❗❗

  • Congrats!

  • You deserve it ❤

  • Rock the world Oliver 

  • Didnt know youre dyslexic, Jamie! @jamieoliver Food geek, I may say and hello to you from Indonesia :)

  • Jamie, you rock! Keep doing!

  • @susanmaher was there the last three days very exciting I'll be around when I can I'll be doing some demonstrations there to

  • I saw you at my school and we made a massive piece of tagletelli!

  • Congrats

  • zai4 5y ago

    You are amazing, we always watch your show here in Mexico

  • Chile

  • Grat from Hungary :)

  • Keep it coming Jamie! Inspiration, passion and depth all wrapped up in lots of love and fun!! :))

  • Love your work!!!!!

  • Fab :)

  • I looove you

  • And your recipes!

  • Your photos are pure "joie de vivre", and that's just wonderful ! Keep up with the good work!

  • I am in 15

  • greetings from İstanbul Turkey, keep walking!!!

  • I'm waiting!!

  • U r there now

  • Wow! I just went to ur homepage and u r at 600 exactly! Congrats!

  • I love u...... From Venezuela!

  • Hey bruv keep it it I'm so proud of you and my son keep going man I'm behind you all the way

  • G'day mate from the land down under..JO u Rock..👍😘

  • You were brilliant on masterchef australia this yr :)

  • Much ❤❤❤ for you and you're awesome pots and pans and cookbooks @jamieoliver

  • Hey I don't even cook but I love to eat and I watched one TV show where you were helping a school with a garden and improving the menu - love it!

  • I love your kitchen products . Have bought your frypans and serving bowls ... LOVE THEM ..

  • My partner and I are celebrating our anniversary at your Sydney restaurant tonight!! We can't wait!! :)


  • werxj 5y ago

    Congrats!! Your recipes are treats to our family meals everyday. My 3yo knows you and is very happy evry time I cook one of your dishes!! Can't wait to browse Jamie's Great Britain my hubby got me last night!

  • Come to Brazil, Jamie!!! We love you...

  • Привет из России, hello is from Russia

  • You inspire me so much!

  • hi jamie! i love your style in cooking.. i really admire u..keep it up..

  • Grande!

  • Hey jamie i like to cook and i have seen unon masterchef and i wanted to know if u have any giod recipes i could try. I have ur cook book with the citrus and chocolate cookies in it so maybe something from there! Ur an inspiation to me and lots of others @jamieoliver

  • Nooooo!!!!!

  • Hey Jamie, this is Ashley Davis from South Africa here. Last January I was in London and came to eat at your Italian restaurant. I left a note for you with the manager about my class 12 project, but you obviously didn't receive it. If you find a moment, I would really appreciate it if you were to visit and read about my journey. You are my true hero. Thank you :)

  • Dude... Cracked 600k!!!!! Nice!! Cos you are awesome!! :)

  • NiCe work. Now feed me

  • Jamie: u r awesome dats y u ve so many followers:))

  • Hii im a chilean cooking!!! I love your photos!!!

  • You just got 600k! Congratulations 🎉

  • I'm also dyslexic and my iPhone spelled this for me lol but even iPhone gets a lil mixed up at times ; )

  • Love from Portugal.

  • Just want 2et u know I had fab birthday meal at ur Italian in Manchester! The bream was amazing n my other half loved the 16oz steak, loved the building n service was top notch :) defo goin bk!!!!

  • Jamie!! Plz following me ;)

  • Congratulations Jamie- you are such a positive role model to so many. Just love your work.

  • Made your mushroom risotto last night and left overs I am going to make arrainci

  • You are a great role model! Always inspiring others....

  • Cheers for being the best of everything you choose to be. We need more honest people dominating the public eye. :)

  • You are the best!

  • :) thank you***

  • Your photos r awesome!

  • congratulations Jamie :D my dads a chef and really likes your work. my parents own two restaurants home in Sweden (one gourmet and one French bistro). Im really interested in food and you are my favorite chef by far, and it would mean sooo very much to me if u followed me or at least took a look on my profile?? please, it would meen very much to me. :) xx

  • Well thats because you're the sexiest chef ever!!!!

  • I think in your biggest fan ever tbh @jamieoliver

  • Inspiration=commitment. Thank you for inspiring me. Time to look ahead and have my eye focussed on my goal. Love your openness when it comes to your family. Not sure if you read all your comments but I hope you get this one!

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